Political Rally Riots: Who’s Really to Blame?

030216 ELX GOP georgia CC15
030116 ATLANTA: Debbie Dooley, with the Atlanta Tea Party, rubs the golden head of a Donald Trump statue “for good luck” on the stage at the Corey Center during a Trump watch party on Monday, March 1, 2016, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton / ccompton@ajc.com

You have to just love Democrats the way they like to blame Republicans for their own failures and behavior. It isn’t Obama’s fault that his legacy will be that of a failed president and perhaps the worst president in history. It has to be someone elses fault that he has accomplished nothing but social turmoil. And then of course it is the progressive liberals themselves who blame their own violence on conservatives and Donald Trump. Let’s be clear here, no one makes you scream obscenities at women and children who are just trying to enjoy an event. No one forced anyone to pellet a woman with eggs or beat on Trump supporters. This is who these people are inside. Progressive liberals are simply violent, lazy, unpatriotic people and you can’t look at their behavior in any other light. It is what it is.

That being said there sure has been an awful lot of talk in the media about who is responsible for setting off these violent progressive liberals. Which is really funny when you consider the compliant behavior of Americas news media. America’s news media is absolutely one of the most corrupt entities in the United States. Owned by only 6 companies that are run/controlled by Zionist Jews it is incapable of being fair and balanced. We have all seen how the media promotes socialist and communist ideals and if you know history this makes perfect sense. After all the Russian Communist Revolution was led by Jews.

But when it comes to the violence perpetrated upon Trump supporters by the violent left few have a bigger weight to bear than the mainstream media (MSM). The news media is guilty on 2 fronts. First the coverage of this violence is minimal at best and downplayed when it is covered. And of course second, ignoring their own influence on the situation they try to paint Trump as the instigator. This is consistent with the MSM’s view on the Second Amendment. You should not be allowed to defend yourself and you can bet that the very first time a Trump supporter lashes out against these cretins it will be headline news 24/7 which also serves to encourage these violent thugs to amp up their attacks. Their lack of reporting and their leftist slant only encourage these scumbags.

Then there is the Democrat leaders themselves. Sanders and Clinton and Obama only condemned this behavior when they were pressured into doing so and instead of getting on a bully pulpit and screaming at the top of their lungs about how this behavior is un-American (not to mention uncivilized) each Democrat has played the game of pretending they are appalled while at the same time, just like the news media, blame Trump.

And finally there is the George Soros factor. Here is one of the wealthiest people in the world with more money than most governments, paying people to go to Trump rallies and be as disruptive as they can. I thought progressive liberals hated the rich and yet when any rich scumbag tosses them a carrot they are all over it like stink on manure. While in his own death throws Soros has been doing this same kind of thing throughout the West and yet few report it and no one in the media or politics has been asking why this guy is not in a prison rotting somewhere where he belongs. Being a rich Jew comes with benefits when the media and most of the politics is controlled by Zionists.

Of course i haven’t written anything here that anyone with a computer doesn’t already know. We know the news media is corrupt beyond repair. We know progressive liberals and other leftists are violent groups of people. We know George Soros is a POS who belongs locked away in a medieval dungeon far beneath the earths surface.

And we all also know that if you want to know what the truth is that you’re not going to find it on T.V. or in a newspaper. Their masters are not you the unwashed masses.That has to change and the only way it is going to change is if we take our country back from the politicians and the media and guys like Soros.


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