Kill the White People!


Ever since I was a kid in the 1960’s splinter groups have been claiming that there is a plot to exterminate White people. Times being what they are you probably can’t imagine how funny that seemed. Clearly there must have been a run on aluminum foil. It also didn’t hurt that the people who were saying these things looked pretty bat guano crazy to begin with. And so we blew them off. For decades thinking they were the ones who were a little dim in the shed.

Here we are several decades later and it sure seems like if they aren’t going to murder White people in their sleep, there most certainly seems to be a plan to water down White people until they are powerless and destroy all their culture and belief systems. That is exactly what is happening in Europe right now and in a slightly lessor way the United States. To not see this is to be deaf, dumb and blind.

And maybe it’s a good thing. We speak about evolution and you can bet there are some species that are no longer around anymore because they were just too stupid to live. Perhaps White people are a subspecies whose time has come? Imagine you create this wonderful society where people, all the people are as free as they have ever been since the dawn of mankind. Conveniences and luxuries that are in the hands of even the poorest among us, most of the rest of humanity can only dream of. All races and peoples benefit from what we have created and what we do and believe, and what do we do? Political, cultural, and social suicide.

Perhaps the rest of the world would be so much better off if they killed all the White people. Clearly White people do not want to live. They do not procreate enough to sustain their race. Whites seem very eager to mate outside of their race with every other race on the planet. The vast majority of people who can’t quite get a grip on their gender is White. And recently it was reported that middle aged White men are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate. White people want to die off and they will. Perhaps it would just be mercy to kill them all off now.

Just think how much better the world would be run by Black, Hispanic, Asian or Arab men. The success that other races have had building countries and governments is undeniable. Not so great for the people living in those countries but the governments are generally nicely opulent. The new age of man will usher in a glorious blast to the past. I’m just glad I won’t have to be around to see it since I’m one of the Whites that will have to be put down.

So for all you people out there who want to kill White people I’d just like to wish you good luck with that. I’ve got a pretty good idea about what the world is gonna look like when we are gone so best of luck to you. You’re gonna need it.


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