Trumps Self Funding Out the Window


Many of Trumps followers aren’t going to be overly pleased when Trump takes what belongs to him. Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America and that makes the Republican Party Trumps party. Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party like it or not and he is entitled to all of its vast resources including political funding. He’s earned it and this sword is his to weld mostly as he sees fit.

Trump did what he set out to do. He ran a mostly self funded Republican Primary race and won buy quite a large margin. The general election is a completely different matter. It takes tons of money just for national T.V. spots which are critical in Presidential elections. Bases of operations now have to be spread over the entirety of the United States all at once not just one or a small handful of states. The Republican Party war chest is now Trumps war chest. Get over it he more than earned it.

There will also be Super PACs who are also eager to spend their money to defeat the Democrat Party nominee. Super PACs represent lots of different people like Unions do but without a centralized entity like Unions have. There is no one group to answer to and the Democrats will most certainly rely on them themselves. There are also people like me and you who want to be part of the process and put our money where our mouths are and donate to the campaign. Trump earned this. He got to the top on his own and on his terms and now it belongs to him. And he needs to use it.

This is the reality of the Presidential race here in America. We probably need some kind of campaign reform but do you think there is a chance in hell of that coming from the left? Yeah they’ll talk about it they have for decades now. Maybe Trump will change the way campaigning is done or not but if anyone is going to it will be him. Or another few decades of B.S. Then again maybe we like this show because if the people wanted it to end it would.

So yes Donald Trump will have to take donations and use resources he didn’t have to use in the primaries. Yes the man is very rich but let’s give the guy a break he is doing this and doesn’t want a paycheck as President. Even as rich as he is flipping the bills for 6 months of a general presidential election would destroy just about anyone’s fortune. The people don’t need to be the cause of that. We have integrity. Vote Trump.


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