Citizens Need to Back Cops!


When I read the story about the little boy who begged his father to stop being a police officer a profound feeling of sadness overtook me. Now I’ll be the first to expose and condemn any police officer or police department for any abuse against any person, but I do respect the badge. I know it is a hard and dangerous job that must be done and I’m glad it is a job I don’t have to do.

But I think a lot of folks forget about the husbands, wives and children many of these officers leave behind each day as they gear up to keep the bad guys and girls at bay. These men, women and children never know if daddy or mommy is coming home at the end of their shift and for them that is every single day he or she puts on their badge. I can’t even imagine the kind of stress that puts on a family. And when daddy or mommy doesn’t come home?

I think we as people should do more than just support police officers in spirit. You look at some of the situations these brave folks find themselves in like the cop who had blood all over his face at a political rally in Chicago and you start to realize that there are times that they need more than your good wishes.

As much as I believe (screw the Supreme Court) that the police are hired by us to protect and serve us I also believe that if a situation starts to get out of control it is up to each one of us to protect our police as well. I mean this in a physical sense. If you see someone getting the better of a cop pull your gun or physically help the cop detain the suspect. Shoot the perp if you have to. If you don’t have a gun or are not physically able, get some help and encourage others to help. Let the courts figure it out but in the meantime don’t just stand there and let some police officer get brutalized or even killed when you could have done something to stop it. I think this is our civil duty and moral responsibility. It is our business.

There are a lot of good cops and there are a lot of bad cops but in dangerous situations let’s just assume the best. Let’s make sure that daddy and mommy make it home tonight and every night as best we can. Just like we would hope the police did everything they could to make sure we make it home to our little ones and loved ones.

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