Climate Change is Small Potatoes for What’s Coming


Something has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. Here in Florida we are experiencing the kind of day length that one might expect in the summer yet it is May. The more I thought about that the more it bothered me so as with other subjects that I have interests in the ole noggin went to work to solve my conundrum. Was I nuts? Was old age robbing me of my senses? Apparently not because others reported that they too had been curious about this. Now though it is true I majored in educational science in college that was several years  ago and the only answer I could come up with on my own is that somehow earths axis had shifted. Not really satisfied with what might seem obvious I started doing a little research and what I discovered is a bit disturbing.

Earth is currently facing several factors that suggest a potential for upcoming disasters. Reports of plate tectonic shifts and projected increases in such activities seemed to be the hot news in the geological sciences. Eskimos were also reporting that their stars had changed giving credence to my speculation about an abrupt axis and/or earth wobble change over the last year or so. Here in Florida the thunderstorm and lightning capital of the world we’ve been having unusual thunderstorms that are so loud and abrupt that my entire house shakes and even though I’m very accustomed to thunderstorms and they are frequent here the ones this year are extremely loud and earth shaking often one right after the other. I’ve also gotten reports from Oklahoma, Central California, Arkansas, Texas and Germany of similar activities which suggest this might be going on in many other areas around the planet. I have also read several reports that the earths magnetic field, which is a defense mechanism has been weakening as much as 5% per year in recent years and the speculation is that the poles are close to reversing. And finally we seem to be a bit overdue for a semi predictably large solar flare that would in all likelihood shut down most electrical systems on a planetary scale.

Now of course none of these things are even remotely unusual for planet earth and none of these things have anything to do with anything mankind may or may not have done. But what these activities suggest is that we may be very close to experiencing some pretty nasty planetary changes that will manifest itself into a somewhat unusual increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes. The scientific community has also been pretty quiet recently and that has also been noted in several articles I read while I was doing my research. This suggests the situation may be coming to a head and they don’t want people to panic.

What can we do about all this? The simple answer is not a dam thing. If you live near a fault line you might want to consider moving closer to the center of one of earths geographic plates but other than that (unless you’ve built a star ship in your garage) there really isn’t anything you can do about any of this.

You can however prepare for the worst. If we are about to experience some serious planetary changes in the relatively near future you can bet the ranch that if the shit hits the fan you’ll be absolutely responsible for your own survival. Learning some survival skills would probably be a good idea. You’ll also need to stock some supplies for at least a couple of months worth and canned foods are your best bet and you’ll need to be very well armed to protect your supplies. A word of waning here: the government monitors your weapons, ammunition, and food purchases so absolutely do not go to Cosco and buy 20 cases of ravioli at once because they will come with weapons drawn to take those items away from you if the shit does hit the fan. Best to find a place to bury your supplies and arms away from your home and be careful that you’re not observed doing so. This is about the only preparation you can take.

Something is definitely going on. But hey don’t fret you might get hit by a bus before anything happens.


4 thoughts on “Climate Change is Small Potatoes for What’s Coming

    1. Not really sure that would help. Earth quakes and volcanoes are nasty things and the fallout from the latter you can’t really escape from.


  1. Great article as always Patrick! I always look forward to your talks. This one’s a good one and hit home as I live in between two rivers here in Florida the Sebastian and the Indian and man the storms last week were so strong I had to wear my ear protection and I felt it almost shake my trailer here. I am fairly new here and not used to this but wow! and the fish are dying and birds as well as much of nature from the chem spraying their doing to us! I contacted the state and told them to knock it the hell off already, they are destroying the earth with this crap and the inhabitants on it. I guess thats their plan for us.

    On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 3:47 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Something has been bothering me for a couple of weeks > now. Here in Florida we are experiencing the kind of day length that one > might expect in the summer yet it is May. The more I thought about that the > more it bothered me so as with other subjects that” >

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