Peaceful VS. Violent Economics


There is a difference between capitalism and socialism or communism and that is violence. Both socialism and communism require force for implementation whereas capitalism does not.

Socialism and communism are totalitarian ideals at their core. If you live in either society you simply are not allowed to pursue capitalistic goals. They want your things for the common good and they are going to take those things away from you whether you like them or not. You are no longer an individual you are just another part of the collective for the common good. This is great if you produce nothing and want to make a minimal effort at life itself but for everyone else it amounts to slavery.

Capitalism on the other hand does not require force. You can live like a communist within a capitalistic society. There are communes throughout the United States where groups of people band together, buy some land and share their combined resources irrespective of who contributes the most or the least to that society. Capitalism and its brother libertarianism are ideologies based on service not violence. In capitalism if you provide a service that others want you will do well. No one is forced to purchase whatever it is you’re selling it is your job to provide something that someone with money wants and at a price they want to pay for it.

In a practical way you can see the peaceful and violent differences between these ideologies play out in this years primaries and in all likelihood in the upcoming general election. Those who want more capitalism and more liberty are generally very peaceful unless provoked and even then show an amazing level of restraint. However those who want to push the country further to the leftist socialist/communist model are screaming obscenities at those who disagree with them and their children, spitting on people, blocking people and even emergency vehicles on the roads, assaulting police officers and threatening more violence and mayhem if they don’t get their way.

This fundamental difference above all others should be more than enough evidence that socialism and communism are violent and dangerous ideologies that should be shunned by any peace loving person.

There is always a price to pay for what someone else is claiming is free. In this case the price for what is claimed to be free is freedom itself.


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