It is Time Black Folks


First of all you really can’t blame white folks for thinking black folks are bat shit crazy. Never in the history of mankind has a majority race ever bent so far over backwards to try to do right by a minority race in any country anywhere on earth. In fact Barrack Obama would have never been elected President had it not been for all those white voters who were hoping and praying that this man would seal the racial divide and bring us all together as one people. Why else would they have voted for a man who never held a real job and only had a couple of years in the Senate in which he mostly gave speeches and voted present when he actually showed up for work. Why else would whites vote for a man whose names sounds more like a Muslim terrorist than a president and who is in fact a Muslim?

Now I know there are a lot of decent hard working black folks out there and some of you have made your voices heard but clearly no one seems to be listening to you. You are being shouted down by other blacks who have sent race relations back at least 50 years. Your fine, god fearing, good work ethic is being drowned out by the murderers, leeches, and opportunists among you. What is worse is that your young people are following these scumbags because your voices aren’t being heard.

It’s time for you and those blacks who are like you to stand up and scream at the top of your lungs if you have to. And trust me I know this is a major risk for you given the criminal and socialist element among you who are so quick to resort to violence if you step outside of what a PC black person is supposed to think and feel. I get that. But what is the other choice? To allow this farce to go on until there is either a race war or blacks start feeling some real honest to goodness oppression? If things continue the way they are it can’t possibly turn out well for anyone black or white.

No one can fix your culture and community for you. The people who are promoting the “black culture” are promoting the worst of mankind not the best of mankind. I can’t believe that is what you want for your children and grandchildren. Pimping, drugs, prison, gangsterism, abortion are all negatives and you know that. These things were not forced upon your community by white people.

Respect has to be earned and though you have probably earned respect from your coworkers and others who have witnessed your hard work and solid ethical values you know the black community as a whole is not respected in this country not because you are black but because of the behavior and actions of people like Al Sharpton, Barrack Obama, Susan Rice, Bill Cosby, Jessie Jackson and groups like The Nation of Islam, The New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and the N.A.A.C.P. These are the people and groups who have set the narrative for your race and it isn’t a peaceful and productive one.

In this ideological battle you cannot afford to be an island. You cannot just sit there and mind your business because if the current black narrative doesn’t change things will only get worse and they will especially get worse for the youngest among you who will either reap the benefits of what you do now or pay the price for it. The time of sitting on the sidelines is over. You cannot stand by while the worst elements among you make your race out to be incorrigible. You are better than that. You deserve better than that.

It is time for the silent majority of blacks to stand up and fight for their race. Not by burning down your neighborhoods but by earning respect and fighting against those in your own communities who are making demons out of you all. You must hold other blacks accountable for their actions within the black community and shun the criminals and sexual deviants who have children without responsibility.

White people have done more for your race than any other race on earth. You were not the only slaves in the Americas and in fact the U.S. had one of the smallest percentages of African slaves of almost any country in the Americas (5%). Whites died by the hundreds of thousands to set your people free because whites knew in their hearts that it was the right thing to do. No we don’t expect you to kiss our asses but we do want your race to be seen as productive, responsible, peaceful and sane. I know you must want the same.

The only truly free man or woman is the one who can take care of himself and his own business. Be that man or woman.


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