You Bet I’m a Racist and Dam Proud of It


If you’re a conservative you’ve probably been called a racist before.

There is an urban legend that has been floating around for some years now, that the word racist was coined by Leon Trotsky, for the purpose of cowing and intimidating opponents of leftist ideology. In his History of the Russian Revolution Trotsky applied the word racist to Slavophiles, who opposed Communism.

Although it is unlikely that Trotsky coined the word it is likely that he used it in a negative connotation first. That’s right before Trotsky the word racist meant something a lot different than the narrow definition that the social Marxists have decided it should mean and that several dictionaries now claim it does mean. What it originally seemed to mean is similar to nationalism where instead of countrymen, people are proud of their own race and support and promote their race as one might support or promote their nation.

The things is, if you don’t love your own race above all others, if you don’t think your race is better than everyone elses, well that isn’t someone elses problem that is your problem and it is a deep fundamental psychological problem kind of like the problem Bruce Jenner is exposing in himself right now. Bruce Jenner doesn’t like who he is and who he was born to be. Call it god or call it fate but Bruce Jenner was born to be a man and he hates god, fate, and himself.

I love my race. I’m Caucasian. I love being Caucasian and I love other Caucasians more than I love people of other races. I have and will continue to support and promote my people.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like people from other races. This doesn’t mean that I lack compassion for other people nor does it mean I don’t admire their culture or customs. It doesn’t even mean I wouldn’t date people from other races because I have. It means I love myself and those who are like me more. It means I’m much more likely to go to an Irish Bar or an Octoberfest before I go to anywhere that plays hip hop music or a restaurant that serves soul food.

When someone calls me a racist I say “you’re dam right I’m a racist and proud of it too man” because it shows that there isn’t anything psychologically wrong with me at least when it comes to self identity. More importantly it completely disarms them. People only call you a racist when they believe it will hurt your feelings but throw it right back at them and and watch their reaction.

So once again I’m going to say stop playing their game. Love whoever you are and your own people above all others. Support and promote them above all others.

Hell yeah my people are better than yours. Fuck you. Get over it.

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