Violent and Stupid: The Sanders Followers


There has been a lot of talk about Bernie Sanders followers not voting for Clinton if she becomes the Democrat nominee but instead switching to Trump. This kind of talk makes me wonder who is dumber Sander’s followers or the people who actually believe this crap. What I find even more appalling is that anyone would want these criminally ignorant and violent people to support their candidate.

Bernie Sander’s followers are without a doubt the stupidest people in America. That’s right they are a plastic ring short of a six pack by anyone’s definition. Just to make my point here’s a quote from one of them at a Sanders rally in Salem, Oregon:

One girl is spotted wearing a Ho Chi Minh shirt, saying that right wingers just don’t understand communism and don’t know how Ho Chi Minh is.”


Another Bernie supporter at the same rally supports assassinating Trump:

“Anything that could kill him… Anything that’ll finish the job.”

These are far from isolated opinions among Sanders fans. All you have to do is go to a Trump rally to witness what these people are really about. In fact their level of violence and threats have gotten so out of hand that even Democrats are openly stating their fear of these lunatics.

I for one do not want Bernie Sanders voters voting for Donald Trump. We don’t need that kind of guilt by association. Stupid, violent people should be voting for Democrats as they always have. These are the same people who see the destruction in Europe and want to open our boarders up to the same kind of violent extremists that are destroying Europe today.

So Sanders fans listen and listen carefully. We don’t want you. You are the problem in America. The poison that has sent our republic into the downward spiral that it would take a miracle to recover from. The Democrats want ignorant, stupid and violent followers so please stick with your own kind. And if you come up to me on the street trying to tell me how great that pinko commie scumbag you are following is, expect a fist in your face.

Screw Sanders and screw his stupid, violent followers.


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