Sanders Feels the Burn


With every yin there must be a yang. Republicans have their revolutionary and Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the revolutions leader on the left. Revolution is in the air from both sides with the disgruntled American people making their displeasure of their federal government plainly known. We all know that the system is corrupt and that it has been for a very long time. In fact no one alive reading this Op-ed can make the claim that they have ever know a U.S. government that wasn’t grossly corrupt. Like it or not corruption is the cornerstone of government and the bigger the government the bigger that cornerstone has to be to support the weight of it all.

No where does corruption reign so supreme as it does within the individual parties themselves. Ron Pauls experience with the GOP and mainstream media back in 2012 makes the level of party corruption painfully clear. This year it is Bernie’s turn.

Bernie Sanders is running an amazing campaign but the DNC will never let him win the nomination no matter how many votes he gets. He wins states she (Hillary) gets the delegates. Poor Larry David just can’t get a break. This also shows that the Democrat Party is about 4 years behind in the times. Only now are they going through what the Republicans went through in 2012 as both parties transform into whatever they will become once the old folks in Washington are sent out on their well earned icebergs.

But for fans of Bernie Sanders they have made an impact on the political landscape of America. More importantly they have seen first hand how their political views work out in real time. Bernie had too many delegates and it was only fair that he share them with Hillary. Any gentleman would give the lions share of his delegates to a woman just to help her overcome the sexist ceiling in the work place for women’s rights. For the cause. So if the gentleman will not call upon his own humanity to do what’s right then a higher authority must be called upon to coerce him into being obedient towards his civil duty.

So see Bernie fans, it all worked out in the end anyway.

For the common good.


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