Socialism Can Work But…..

Socialism is not an ideal economic construct but it has been shown to work under a very specific set of circumstances. The problem is that the people who promote it do not seem to be able to recognize what those circumstances are in fact in most cases everything they try to do to bring about socialism works completely against their own goals.

What amazes me is that so many academics have been sucked into the progressive liberal scheme of things. I thought college professors were supposed to be smart and superior at research and critical thinking skills but clearly they lost their chess boards years ago. Perhaps they are just a reflection of the mental midgets that they graduate who are as void of critical thinking skills as they are. Even Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning Op-ed writer, economist, and flaming progressive liberal has completely missed the boat when it comes to what conditions are required to make the socialist model work. Perhaps this is why the model constantly fails.

The biggest killer of socialism is of course multiculturalism. Multiculturalism it could also be argued is the killer of every economic model including capitalism. Different races and cultures are like different dog breeds each having different characteristics and different needs. Sure they are all dogs but the difference between a Rottweiler and a Chihuahua are like night and day and both have a specific set of different needs. People are also a lot more likely to serve their own kind even when they are relative strangers. This is true of every form of mankind.

The other variable that can make or break the socialist model is a strong sense of nationalism. For one to willingly, no eagerly give up the fruits of ones labor to the state, the state has to be above all things (except for perhaps god). “For the greater good” has to mean something to the entire populace not just the states parasitical section of the population.

We can see an example of this in post WWI Germany in which Germans were united as a people to make the lives of all Germans better no matter what that meant. Their economic model was so successful that it became frightening to the rest of the world especially the worlds bankers and according to former Secretary of State James Baker the war was fought primarily because of the successful “national socialism” that practically overnight turned Germany into an economic powerhouse with very little business going to the world bankers like the Rothschilds.

And finally to make socialism work there has to be a consensus among the people that there is an ultimate power greater than themselves or in other words a god or gods that the people can agree on. There is no successful socialist atheist state and there never will be. For socialism to work it has to tend to the needs of the populace and a core need of humans is to believe that their life has real value and atheism does not offer that to anyone.

So basically for socialism to work the state must be comprised of people of the same culture and heritage, a strong sense of nationalism, and a shared religious belief system. Here’s the funny part. None of these things are promoted by progressive liberals. Progressive liberals in fact promote the exact opposite of everything it takes to make socialism a successful economic model. Theirs is a ideology that promotes multiculturalism, open boarders and atheism.

And they call conservatives stupid?

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