Thomas Sowell is a Fraud


Thomas Sowell is an economic theorist who is well known across the internet for his pro capitalist stance. He is also a Black man so let’s get that out there right away. Thomas Sowell seems to get a lot more credit than what he deserves as almost the man who invented capitalism and the free market society theory. Make no mistake I am a great fan however, Dr. Sowell did not come on the reasoning behind being pro capitalist, he is merely a student, as perhaps we all are or at least should be of economics.

Sowell was in his 30’s by the time he went to college. He had served in the military and held a number of blue collar jobs and even tried out for The Brooklyn Dodgers. Yes Thomas Sowell is a huge baseball fan even now in his 80’s. Not bad for a black kid from South Carolina.

It would be fair to say that he was a full grown man having seen enough of the world and the workplace to make rational decisions. And the last thing Thomas Sowell was, was a capitalist. In fact like many young black men of his time, he was a Marxist. Socialists have been working on blacks for a very long time. The first top executives at the N.A.A.C.P. were all white socialists save the black man who held the lowest position in the group and who was also a socialist.

But the further Sowell’s studies and academic achievements took him the more he leaned towards economics and began to study under the Master himself Milton Friedman.


Now to be fair Milton Friedman did not invent capitalism. Adam Smith in fact is widely regarded as the father of capitalism (June 16, 1723 –  July 17, 1790) and hailed from the mighty Kingdom of Scotland. In fact Milton Friedman wasn’t an economist at all he was a mathematician. What Friedman did was to take what Adam Smith proclaimed and prove it using mathematics. That’s a pretty big deal. In fact when he was alive he was regularly on TV and even had his own show on PBS. Friedman also became a university professor in the area of economics and won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work ……. his math in economics.

So our middle aged Tommy skips off to Americas indoctrination centers to further his education in socialism and runs across Professor Friedman. Can you imagine sitting in a high honors class with a noted celebrity in the field of economics and having none of what he told you and taught you sink in? Well that is exactly what happened. Dr. Sowell strode away from the pillars of progressiveness with his Marxist beliefs still in tack.  That’s some stubborn shit right there.

Thomas Sowell might never have seen the light had it not been for the one decision that would send him on the righteous path. Dr. Sowell decided to go work for the federal government. While doing is civil service work he was able to see first hand how the government works and how it helps people ……. and then he stopped being a Marxist.


Thomas Sowell now sounds a lot like Milton Friedman and of course he would. Friedman proved the superiority of capitalism using mathematics so anyone who believes in the scientific method and the exacting nature of mathematics should also come to the exact same conclusions. Still he is a champion and a very well spoken champion of sane economic policy. He has a certain kind of righteous gentlemanly air about him that immediately sucks you in with eyes and ears wide open.  He has also done a great deal of research in the area of the effects of economy on the social fabric. Sowell is Milton Friedmans bannerman and we all should be. The further we move away from what works the worse things have gotten and are bound to get.

So though we should give Dr. Sowell his due, let us also remember that it was Adam Smith and Milton Friedman who led the way to the promised land. And also remember whose job it is to spread the good word. It’s yours and mine.


One thought on “Thomas Sowell is a Fraud

  1. I agree with the content of the article, but I’m a bit confused on the title. Is it simply hyperbole intended to point out the contributions of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman?

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