Americans are Awesome!


If you look around the world today it is complete shit. Human rights? Exactly where but in perhaps the tiniest of countries that depend on superpowers to defend them are there any semblance of human rights to be seen. Even in Europe the most basics of freedoms like the right to defend yourself and the right to speak your mind are completely nonexistent. You might think that by the 21st century people worldwide would have freedom and liberty but this isn’t remotely the case.

Part of the problem with the world is that the citizens of the world are ruled over. Regardless of the wants or needs of the citizens of any country there are money and power hungry people who believe they have the right to dictate and micro manage the unwashed masses. Of course the United States is not immune to any of this and has more than its share of problems with basic rights and liberties. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and the more power any government has the less liberty the citizens have.

Like everywhere else in the world the U.S. has seen citizens rights diminish not expanded in the 21st century. The past 16 years have been a nightmare in the land of the free and the home of the brave with the government encroaching upon the rights and fortunes of its citizenry with every passing day. It is enough to make any sane person take a leap off the Empire State Building. Political correctness, social justice warriors, feminism, BLM, the news media, the entertainment industry, Zionism, LGBT and a very long list of other groups have been working overtime to do to the United States what has been done to people all across Europe. Europe’s days are now numbered and its fate inevitable.

America is perhaps the only place left on planet earth where not all hope is completely lost. For a bit less than a year something incredibly amazing has been happening in America, the American people have stood up against the entities bent on destroying their country as they have so many others.

Think about how exceptional the Republican Primaries have been. Ever since Trump announced his bid for the GOP ticket there has been an onslaught from the right, the left, the media and foreigners just to name a few who have bandied together in an avalanche of attacks against the multi billionaire turned politician. For the first time in more years than I can count none of that propaganda has had anything but a positive effect towards Mr. Trump. The Trump Train as so many are fond of calling it, has chugged along growing stronger and gaining speed with each passing day despite professional and often violent protestors and the kind of misinformation that would make Stalin proud.

The Republican Party has now been forced to surrender to the will of the people. They have had enough. Nothing any of the Trump haters have had to say has had any affect at all on a people who want a return to sanity and their culture. These are incredibly amazing times and we see this no where else in the world where a people take their rightful places as the architects of their own destiny fulfilling the proclamation of Americans founding fathers that at least ,the government is BY and FOR the people not for the power and corruption hungry elites.

Is Donald trump the answer to the peoples woes? That remains to be seen but if he does win the presidency the message to the scum in Washington, which they are only now just beginning to comprehend, is that if they don’t do what is right the people will take their power away from them as they have taken the power away from the GOPs establishment. And frankly even the Democrats (as misguided as they always seem to be) seem to be moving in the same direction, the direction of the peoples government.

The next time someone trys to tell you that America and Americans are not exception point them in the direction of any other country in the world. Americans are amazing and awesome people and to deny that at this point is to deny reality.

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave? You bet your sweet ass it does!



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