Trump is Absolutely Right on Abortion


Ted Cruz and his cohorts want to make an issue about Donald Trumps stand on abortion at the GOP convention. It’s a ruse and nothing more. Cruz claims he stands on principles but as usually Ted is lying. You see Cruz and his far right cohorts don’t really want to repeal Roe VS. Wade because if that is really what they wanted they would take up Trumps sigil on the issue.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life cutting deals and though I can’t honestly say I’m better at it than President Trump I do know what standing your ground will get you and that is nothing. This is Cruz’ pattern. Name one successful thing Ted Cruz has ever accomplished as a Senator. I bet you can’t. He shut down the government costing you and me several billion dollars and what did we get? Less than nothing in fact it hurt the conservative movement for years afterwards. Bravo dipshit.

To get deals done you have to offer your opponents something. In the case of abortion Ted Cruz and friends are offering the opposition nothing. No carrot. No compromise. The far right has never accomplished anything never have never will. Most Americans see them as absolute nutcases and I would have to agree with them on that one point. Simply stated the far right just doesn’t generate enough voters to do anything which means to get anything done you have to convert moderate conservatives, independents, and some Democrats. That is just a fact of life that even a layman like me can understand.

Abortion is a horrible thing. It is murder for the sake of social and economic convenience and what is infinitely worse is that abortion has become pop culture, with some lunatics even proud of what they have done to their own babies. Is it not better to save the majority of aborted babies than none at all? Cruz wants all or nothing. How many babies must be put to death before Cruz gets what he wants. The answer is all of them because his stance is idiotic.

The tide needs to change on this issue. Should women who have been raped, or might lose their lives, or have babies who have severe physical problems be allowed to get abortions? Is it worth the lives of millions of babies yearly to “stand with your principles?”

Trump is right about stupid politicians in Washington and Ted Cruz is the proof.

The smart play here is to save what lives we can not let them all die because of a statistically few. That is Trumps viewpoint and it is the kind of intelligent move that could make a huge difference to the lives of our children and the women who treat pregnancy as a cancerous tumor only to be destroyed years later by what they have done.

It’s time to make some progress and cut the best deal we can.


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