Dear Cruz Supporters

TedCruz cancer and aids can be cured by praying to Jesus

I know a lot of people who back during the summer months of 2015 were huge Cruz supporters and aren’t anymore. One of the reasons of course is that these people weren’t stupid. They watched Ted Cruz soak in everything Trump said in the beginning and then later parrot it as his own platform. That is politics at its worse and only goes to prove that Ted would say anything to become president. I really don’t know how you can pretend to be an anti politician or anti Washington after behavior like that. Though I think this is an important reason to turn away from Cruz it isn’t the most important one.

Voters have turned away from Cruz because they think he’s crazy. Crazy like insane crazy not party on Garth crazy. It all began when he was in the senate narrating Green Eggs and Ham. You know that deliciously gross looking breakfast Teds daddy invented. Ted closed down the government costing you billions and got nothing for it. In fact what he got was the Republican Party kicked in the teeth for years afterwards. The only person who gained anything was Cruz and you paid for that in more ways than just financially.

Teds questionable sanity certainly didn’t end in the senate, he would have actually had to show up to do his job such as it was, before he could have lost his mind completely the way that he has during the primaries. Teds first insanity was trying to get Kasich to help him beat Trump. Kasich has his own issues with sanity (and eating food) and to think that John would completely give up to support Cruz was just plain nuts. That’s not being a good deal maker that is being a schmuck. If only that was the end of his sanity but ole Teddy didn’t know when to stop going down the slippery slope of a straight jacket.

His next brilliant move was to pick Carly to be his running mate. It ain’t easy to decide where to start on this one (I’d rather be pimpin). First Fiorina never won a single primary or even got close for that matter. She got fired from her last job and the minute she did the companies stock shot up a whopping 6% (which is actually a ton of money). Singing a made up nursery song was almost as impressive as watching Tom Green finger Freddy. And who the heck picks a presidential running mate while they are losing? I mean seriously how truly desperate and crazy do you have to be? If you wrote a book and you tried to add what Cruz did here to your story your editor would demand a rewrite on the basis that no one would believe it.

Look at least at first Ted had a good song and dance and I get that. But at some point the Punch and Judy show needs to come to an end. Our republic can’t take another 4 to 8 years of unabashed socialism and the destruction of our country. It is true Trump is not a far right wing conservative but let’s be honest, far right wing conservatives tend to lose and lose often and lose big. Even Reagan wasn’t all that right wing. Don’t lie to yourself that Killary would be a better choice because my beagle would be a better choice than Hillary.

Trump has already dealt with most if not all the leaders of the foreign countries he’d have to deal with as president. Trump gets things done the government can’t (won’t) like the ice skating rink in NYC. Trump doesn’t play by the B.S. PC rules he plays by his own and doing so has made him very successful. The bottom line is the guard needs to be changed because America can’t bear another Obama or Obama Lite.

No one really knows what Trump will do but the one thing we do know is that he wants to leave behind a positive family legacy. He will do the best he can because he doesn’t want to go down in history as being as bad or worse than Obozo. And after watching Ted Cruz over the last several months it should be clear that we could do a whole lot worse. Stop being so stubborn and pig headed and join like minded people on the Trump Train. At the clip this train is going it will run over Clinton like…. well…a freight train. Be a part of a winning sane team.

All aboard.


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