What “America First” Doesn’t Mean


A plethora of Americans are getting pretty sick and tired of watching their nations fortune plundered and being the laughing stock on the worlds stage because we seem to be losing ourselves trying to help everyone else. It doesn’t kelp that the people on the outside that we do try to help with our fortune and our lives, resent us and often justifiably so.

What “America First” means is that before we do anything for anyone else, we take care of our own. We haven’t been taking care of our own in a long time and evidence of that can be seen in Americas infrastructure. Our roads, our sewers, our bridges, and public transportation are all wanting and in many cases wanting badly. Our schools are crap from K through P.H.D. and we still can’t figure out a way so that anyone can get at least an emergency room visit.

“America First” means we need to start taking care of our own again and let the rest of the world pick out its own path as long as they don’t become a legitimate threat to us. We can’t be another peoples revolution. America has gone broke in part do to our ongoing attempts around the world at nation building into countries that are more palatable for the banking and political classes. People will tell you that these kinds of activities are cost effective but when was the last time any of them really succeeded? Go ahead name one of the top of your head. Such a big list hard to choose huh.


What “America First” doesn’t mean is that we take our eyes off the rest of the world. Governments often do things regarding foreign relations that their people might or might not approve of. This is a lot easier with foreign affairs because most citizens don’t pay attention to that. Most citizens have a hard enough time finding the time for the local stuff.

The point is that we got into this mess in the first place because we weren’t paying attention and by the time we snapped out of it someone else was driving the bus. Someone who did not have the best interest of the country at heart. Either that or he is a complete idiot and I frankly haven’t seen much evidence of the latter. What I have seen is a cold, calculated, darn near evil genius doing his best to cripple America as much as he can before he loses power. And while he was doing that, most of the people just ignored it and bore it all. Why? He behaved like a snake from the moment he hit the public stage. Anyone who was paying attention to the candidates especially on the left should have gone with Killary for many obvious reasons at the time. We were busy, we weren’t paying attention as a people and decided to vote for the black guy to try to give blacks a boost up. Street level affirmative action.


We as a people need to keep a close eye on the rest of the world so that we can effectively speak out about things that are being done in our name. We have to do more of that at home too by keeping a closer eye on the homeland and having our local leaders and congressmen fax, email, and phone numbers so your voice can be heard if need be.

Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” but the truth is he can’t do it without you. You have to step up, be informed, inform others, act on the information you are exposed to. Some might suggest that is your civil duty anyway. It’s time to turn the page on the nightmare we’ve been living through since this century began.

Informed citizens are citizens who cannot be ruled over.



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