America Wins!


It’s over and the fat lady is singing her lungs out. Trump didn’t just win Indiana he kicked arse so hard Ted Cruz is orbiting the moon. According to CNN even Teds delegates have had enough and are ready to get behind the man who is now clearly and without any doubt the nominee for the Republican Party. The people have spoken loud and clear in a resounding voice that can be heard around the world.

Goodbye Ted Cruz. No matter how you or FOX News tries to spin it the GOP primary is over and it is time to salvage what is left of your dignity (you won’t need a big bag) and go home.

Now is the time for American conservatives, moderates, independents and yes many of you Democrats who have had enough of the epic fail of the last 8 years and the horrid direction our beloved country has taken and get behind the next president of these United States, Donald J.Trump. It is time to free ourselves of epic failure and drive head on to a future of sanity and reason.

We the American people have decided to change the apologist and self destructive direction of our country and the free world and make not just America Great Again but to make the world a better place for freedom loving people.

God bless us every one!



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