The Free World: Unsafe for Women and Children


Progressive liberals are always going on about some imaginary war on women. At least it was imaginary before they started whining about it but times change. Today in the 21st century there is a war on both women and children all in the name of tolerance.

Western Civilization is literally committing suicide and the very first victims of that suicide are our women and children. It began with a flood of barbarians into Europe who have been raping and killing women and children as if they were nothing but toys for these barbarians to abuse. Progressive liberal media and progressive liberal governments have worked overtime to paint anyone who speaks out about the atrocities committed by Islamic barbarians against the citizens (mostly women and children) as racists, intolerant, and right wing Nazis. They have also done their best to cover up these crimes however they are happening at such an unprecedented rate that even the socialist media and governments can’t hide it anymore.

In the United States the war against women and children is being perpetuated in of all places public restrooms. It is no longer safe for women and children especially small children to use public bathrooms. Major corporations across the nation, fearful of the LGBT community, are now allowing men to access the womens rests rooms in a perverted attempt to make a mental illness appear to be normal. I can’t imagine too many females feeling very comfortable using public restrooms anymore or any responsible parent wanting their children to take the risk of going potty in a place where perverts may be lurking.

This is just the beginning of the perversions being forced upon the free world. Over the last few years pedophilia has been promoted as normality. Perhaps this is to prepare the West for the takeover of their lands by the Islamic horde who has been welcomed in with open arms as they fully condone pedophilia as part of their “religion.” It is getting more difficult with each passing month to turn on our television sets without being exposed to homosexuality and in many cases graphic images of homosexual sex even during prime time when our children are being taught this is normal. Even our public schools are promoting every perversion mentioned here.

In both the short and long term this trend can only have a destructive effect on Western Civilization. It is one thing to turn a blind eye to the sexual and social perversions of others and quite another to promote them. What next bestiality? Are sheep and goat brothels not far around the corner?

This must stop. All of it. We cannot have a civilization built on perversion and expect it to survive. Near the end of mankind’s most successful civilization The Roman Empire sexual debauchery was the norm and many historians suggest that it was one of the reasons the Empire fell. History seems to be repeating itself once again.

We never learn.



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