Islam will Dominate the World


The question of whether Islam will dominate the world or not is now a mute point as it is inevitable. Both European and American political leaders and the media have sold the Western World a lie that has doomed both continents. The numbers don’t lie. While Western women give birth at much too low a rate to sustain their populations, Muslims are breeding like rabbits. Already we see significant federal government positions being held by Muslims many of whom have ties with The Muslim Brotherhood (among others) that the Obama regime unsuccessfully tried to help conquer much of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Republican Party has joined the progressive liberals here in the United States in perpetuating the invasion of Islam into the free world. I’m at a loss as to how this represents conservative values but then again the Republican Party has always supported an open boarders policy allowing millions of South Americans and others to invade the U.S. which has and will continue to change the racial and religious demographics of a once great republic. Frankly the G.O.P. is absolutely not what it pretends to be. The rhetoric is there but their actions have coined the term RINO (Republicans In Name Only). With a million Islamic savages slated to enter the United States the evidence of the GOPs betrayal of the American people and its treason is undeniable.

So what will the future bring under Islam?

Well girls no one will suffer more under the yoke of Islam than you will. All those sexy liberating clothes you like so much like high heels, string bikinis, and those little black dresses will be gone. Just as well so many of you are over weight you don’t look very good in that kind of garb anyway. Throw away your makeup case too unless you want to be subject to rape  and/or stoning. Of course all of your hard earned rights will be gone. Think you don’t get paid enough because you’re a woman? Well under Islam you’ll be lucky if you are allowed to drive a car much less work. You’ll be expected if not required to breed and if you nag at your husband he will likely beat you and if you keep up nagging or fail to perform to his satisfaction he will kill you. That is of course assuming your convert and are not enslaved and turned into a whore for your new Islamic State. Of course if you are a rebellious teenage girl your father might honor kill you as well.

Women won’t be the only ones enslaved anyone who isn’t rich enough to pay off their infidel dues will also be enslaved. Yes slavery will return to the West with a vengeance. And don’t think that just because you are Black and have or may convert to Islam that you are safe. Remember Muhammad described Blacks as raisin heads and there is a long and glorious history of African Muslims being enslaved by other Muslims both Black and Arab any time there aren’t enough slaves to go around.

In fact the people who will suffer the most under Islamic rule are the exact people promoting this invasion under the false umbrella of compassion. Feminists, homosexuals, transgenders, pacifists, blacks, journalists and the like will either be killed outright (the most likely scenario) or enslaved.

This isn’t going to just affect the West either. As Western civilization crumbles it will embolden Islam towards even more brutality. Europe and America have done a fairly decent job at keeping Islamic countries from committing genocide through monetary incentives but when that cash is no longer on the table there will be no incentive to stop gang rapes of children or random beheading or the lopping off of appendages for what we consider to be minor crimes.

Unless something is done immediately to stop this many of you will see this unfold during your lifetimes. Sadly by the time most Americans figure this out it will already be much to late. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to the Wests destruction is paved with Utopian fantasy.



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