Imagine a World without Donald Trump


Dinesh D’Souza is the creator of many patriotic films including “America: Imagine a World Without Her.” It is a fine movie that if you’ve never seen it, is a must see and you should do so immediately and you should probably add it to your collection. But this film got me thinking about what the world would be like without Donald Trump in it.

Imagine a world without Donald J. Trump. I wonder what Manhattan and Atlantic City would look like today? No Trump Towers that’s for sure. Of course most people are only familiar with Trumps masterpiece but there are many building in New York City with Trumps name on them. They’d be gone too. Makes you wonder what would be there in its place. Not likely to be more flamboyant that’s for sure.

Trump has so many high end properties world wide that the world of high class lodgings and entertainment would suffer severe blows without him. But Trumps impact on the world is much bigger than his own wealth and the gold accents he leaves everywhere he goes. How much wealth does Him being Himself, have others gained because of him. To be honest I have no idea how many employees Donald Trump has but given his vast holding I think hundreds of thousands go home with a Trump (or one of its subsidiaries) paycheck every week. Then of course there are all the businesses that Trump contracts out and their employees. Every business within a stones throw of any Trump business as well as their employees enjoy increased economic activity resulting in what benefits always accompany a larger purchaser base.

And what about this election. What would that have been like without Donald J.Trump? Well it would have turned out the way it was supposed to with good challenges brought up by Jindal, Walker and Rubio but with the establishment boy Jeb Bush securing the nomination. That was the way this story was supposed to end. And of course Hillary was supposed to win her nomination and after a heated battle between two political dynasties America would elect their first woman president calming the unwashed masses into believing that anyone can be anything bla bla bla.

You can forget about the wall or any real attempt to stop illegal immigration which of course wouldn’t be our real immigration policies as Democrats and Republicans alike continue to welcome in hoards of the same kind of people who are destroying Europe’s culture, identity and innocence. Oh you can bet the other candidates would have voiced their concern without Trump, they surely would have and as surely as the sun rises in the morning they would have lickity split  their way onto the next topic one of granddaddy’s whoppers no doubt.

Without Trump this election cycle we would once again be asking ourselves “Is this the best we can do?” The Republicans had, what 17 candidates at the beginning of this primary season. Can anyone honestly say that any of the rest were truly great men or women? The Democrats are faring even worse. Another season, another group of losers, what’s the point. Remember getting mad as hell when debates came on in years past? Always interrupting your favorite shows. This year it is put the debate on and get the popcorn.

Donald J. Trump is not a perfect man. But after all he’s done, all of his accomplishments, the impact he has made in this election, and the impact he has made on the individual lives of people all over the world, he may just be as perfect of a man and anyone could ever hope to be in their lives.

God blessed us …. every one.


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