What the Latest Happiness Poll Tells Us


I kinda stared at the title of this Op-ed for a while. It perplexes me. And yet it also regales me. They poll these kinds of things you know. Happiness. Because happiness is so easily defined.

As I get older I have come to realize that not only is happiness subjective, I can’t even tell when I’m happy or not. I look back at some of my own periods in life and see them completely different than when I was actually living them. Some have turned into happy memories. If the real truth is that we really don’t know whether we are happy or not how can you answer the question “Are you happy.” The correct answer is “I don’t know” because anything else is just a social response. There were other times in my life when I thought I was on top of the world Ma. They did not turn out well.

So how do we pole happiness?

And why would we even want to be happy. Happy suggests contentment and being content with things just as they are right now. Happiness is lack of motivation.

Many people can’t be happy until they attain their goals even if it takes a lifetime to attain them and even if they might fail. These are the potential John Galts of the world.

The others want to be happy. They want to be herded into their stalls, fed and sheltered, and they really don’t want to be solely responsible for their own well being. They are the happy people and it is of little surprise that most of the happy people live in countries chock full of entitlements (for as least as long as it will last).

The next time you see someone spouting happiness numbers and why we can’t be happy diatribes remember that happy is just a code-word for socialism and socialism has never had any long term benefits it eventually eats itself and leads to violent conflicts like Greece.

So I for one say bollix to happiness. I’m not satisfied with anything ever! I want everything to be better and I’m not gonna sit around being happy and hoping those things jump out of the sky. The best woman I ever had made me miserable. The best job I ever had made me miserable. The best motorcycle I ever had made me miserable. So take your happiness and shove it.


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