How to Battle Rally Protestors and Win!


Ever since the Occupy movement thought they could own New York City and other cities across America just because they were mad they didn’t get some free money in the way of bailouts and that someone else should pay for their pampered college lives, protesting has become totalitarian in its nature. The protesters don’t just want to be noticed they want to silence others. Some of them just want the $16 an hour they were promised. Through the years this process has developed from being noticed, to silencing opposing viewpoints, and have moved to trying to instigate their political rivals to lash out in violence.

What these modern day protesters are trying to do is to divide Americans by such a distance as to cause one side or both to see the one another and want nothing more than an excuse to lash out violently at them. That is the trap they are trying to set and like so many other traps they will likely fail. Still it would be better to come out on top as opposed to being even, or maybe a little less than even. If you’re going to a Trump Rally you can help turn this trend into our favor.

To find the right course of action you have to understand your advisory. You have to understand what they want and what motivates them. We, or rather they, have already established through their behavior that they wish to provoke us into pugilist incidences they could use to smear the opposition and claiming to be the victims themselves. And the mainstream media would eat it up.

So what motivates them? Actually that isn’t the right question now is it? The right question is, “What do we want them to be motivated to do?” Well of course we would love to expose them for what they really are instead of what they are pretending to be. The key in doing that lies in their own hypocrisy but ….. what we want them to do ….. what we need them to do, is become violent, and let it be clear, that it was the movement on the left responsible for the violence. That would cause a huge division on the left with the radicals being pushed out of the equation  Good for them, good for us and good for the republic.

Now that we know what we want and the reasons we want it how do we get what we want you might ask? Remember what I said earlier about their own hypocrisy? Much like Kirk and NOAD, we will use some of their own techniques against them. Now bear with me because this is going to sound awful silly but that is how you get to these snowflakes and hoodlums in the first place. What we need to do at every event and if possible get into groups or even on your own is bring flower petals. A good size bag of them. What you’re going to be looking for is which area of the protest has the most cameras on it. Find that spot, squeeze yourself in and start to gently toss flower petals at the protestors. Tell them you love than and wish them peace and joy. If you’re a woman bring a man just in case or several of your stocky girlfriends.

Trust me when I tell you that the very idea of conservatives, you know those devil people, could be showing them with flower petals. That’s their gig they have owned that since the 60’s WTF? Now of course with every well laid out plan, there are variables. There are only a few possible outcomes if some people got involved in this venture. 1) The protestors could ignore the flower petals (not a reasonable option but one that is possible). 2) They might actually enjoy being showered with flower petals and even possibly diffuse a tense situation by joy of flower petal showering. 3) The media would completely ignore the story. 4) The protestors would become enraged and lurch over the barriers.

Now of course we would like to see #4 unfold but in every other scenario we have results that are either inconsequential or wins for the republic. There is no negative.

So if I have managed to convince you that my diabolically evil scheme has the potential of bringing Team Trump some fantastic returns,  then share this Op-ed. Share it like the wind to the four corners of the earth and they will share it and they will share it. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment it looks like the local flower shop is up for sale.


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