Is Anyone Accountable for Anything Anymore?

When I was a kid and I screwed up my father would say, “You made your bed now go lay down in it.” I’m not entirely sure anyone in America has a clue what that means anymore. For those of you who don’t know (and I’m sure there are more of you who don’t than I want to believe) it means you are accountable for your actions and must live with the results. In fact when I was a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I think most everyone believed that. These days it doesn’t seem like anyone is accountable for their actions.

Our leaders sure aren’t accountable for their actions. Let’s have an honest moment here. Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton will ever spend one single day in a federal penitentiary? If you do you’re a special kind of stupid. People in power are rarely ever accountable for anything they do. Sure they might toss one of their own under the bus every once in a while to keep your illusions going but the real power ….. they could gun you down on main street with every news camera on them while they are doing it and never spend a day in jail and we all know it. Heck the media would help them cover it up and sweep it under the rug.

Truth is, it has always been like that. The rich and powerful have always gotten away with murder and they always will and trying to point the finger is part of our problem today. Most people are more than happy to be sheep and let someone else deal with the details. It isn’t until it gets really bad that anyone ever pays attention and then most people only pay attention until they think they can put up with whatever they are told to put up with.

But it isn’t just the rich and powerful who aren’t accountable for their actions anymore it is just about everyone. I saw some little children holding up a “Fuck Trump” sign outside of a Donald Trump rally and no one said a word. It wasn’t their parents fault it was someone elses fault. We certainly wouldn’t want to “shame” their parents. Kids failing at school? Not the teachers fault. Young people committing crimes? Not the parents fault (or at least not the single mothers fault). Cops filling suspects with so many holes they die looking like Swiss Cheese? Not the cops fault. Justice system a complete abomination? Don’t blame the lawyers or the judges they didn’t do it. We have to put limitations on how much patients can sue their doctors for because the doctors aren’t at fault when they botch a surgery. We have a Snowflake generation of idiots coming of age but don’t blame their professors.

For some reason most people have come to believe that if they make their bed and it comes out a mess someone else should have to lay down in it. One thing I have learned that I wish I understood clearly when I was much younger is, always investigate those who point their fingers first before you investigate the entity they are pointing at and you will almost always find that the finger pointer is just as guilty if not much more so than the thing they are pointing at.

You have the government you deserve. You have the justice system you deserve. You have an educational system that you deserve. You have assholes for kids because that is exactly what you deserve. It isn’t someone elses fault it is your fault. We have become a nation of people waiting around for someone else to do what we should be doing so that we can blame them if it all goes wrong. Let the government operate as it pleases. Let the schools raise your kids. Who cares how bad the justice system is as long as we aren’t the ones in handcuffs. Who cares what they teach in our university’s we don’t go there.

And the thing is by not being really involved in the things that affect our lives we feel terrible. Those people screaming profanities in the streets …. do they look happy? They are mad at everyone but themselves.

A couple of months ago I chided a young lady for not being really involved and waiting for others to do what she should be doing herself. I guess I “shamed” her. In fact I shamed her so much that she went out and got involved. Though I only know her from the internet when she returned from her involvement I could feel her light up like a Christmas tree just from her printed words. The experience had so excited her. There is a lesson in her experience for all to learn. She was no different than most people. She was just trying to get through her life as best she could. But for one shining moment she stopped waiting for someone else to do what she knew she should be doing. For one shining moment she stopped pointing her finger at everyone else. The funny thing is I’m pretty sure that moment changed something inside of her because not long after that she took other positive steps in her life perhaps because she realized that she wasn’t as helpless as she might have thought she was before.

The moral of the story is …… well …… if you haven’t figured that out by now …… you never will. Just keep pointing your finger.



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