Dear Ted Cruz

Have a seat Rafael.

It’s time to have a serious talk about the Republican Primaries. First of all, legalize aside I think you know that you’re not really qualified to run for President in the United States of America. Unless the word “natural” has suddenly lost all meaning you simply don’t qualify. If you can run for president then half the country of Vietnam can run for president too as well any anyone else who might have been born of an American G.I. as well as citizens from almost every other country in the world in which American servicemen spilled their seed and I think we both know that isn’t what the founding fathers intended.

But more importantly than where you were born is the simple reality of the situation. According to all reports it is impossible for you to beat Donald Trump now. Every report I have read says that you would have to win well over 80% of the delegates to beat Trump  and all the wishful thinking in the universe isn’t going to make that happen for you. The only real chance you have is if Trump has a heart attack and keels over. Nobody wants that and I assume you don’t want to win that way.

The only other shot you have is to win in a brokered convention. Do you really think the GOP would vote for you no matter what they are telling you right now? They hate your guts. You shut the government down with nothing positive to show for it and they got the blame. At least Trump hasn’t screwed them yet. If they are going to pick anyone it would be Romney or Ryan and you have to know that by doing so they will destroy the party forever. Is that what you want?

But let’s assume that it goes to a brokered convention and by some miracle they actually pick you. Do you honestly think Trump supporters are going to say “oh that’s nice” and vote for you in November? Really?  You wanna be the one who will have to take the blame for what happens after the convention if that occurs, because like always they will be blaming the guy who enabled them. That will be your footnote in history. And again it will destroy the Republican Party and probably result in a 3rd party run by Trump so you’ll never get to be president anyway. If you haven’t noticed yet Trump supporters are fiercely loyal and they sure aren’t going to support the guy who screwed them even if Trump told them to. I guess you wanna see Hillary in the White House because that is the only way that kind of mess can end.

Ted it is time for you to cowboy up and see the writing on the wall. You might get elected to be president some day but it won’t be this year. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and just bow out gracefully. Let the party heal, let the pundits get over themselves and let’s move forward as a team so we can defeat Hillary in November. You are putting your entire political career at stake for nothing and the person who can and probably will lose the most no matter how it turns out is you.

Wise up buddy. You’re on the highway to hell.




One thought on “Dear Ted Cruz

  1. NO MORE FOREIGNERS in the U.S. Government. Not a one of them has U.S. interests at heart. Their loyalty is to their former country.


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