The Republican Party is Finished


I’m sure you’ve heard from career Republican politicians that if Donald Trump won the GOP nomination he would destroy the Republican Party. Well it’s already much too late for that because these same career politicians as well as conservative journalists and commentators have already sent the Republican Party to the dustbin of history they just haven’t figured that out yet. That’s right folks the Republican Party has already murdered itself, we are just waiting for it to finish bleeding out.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and this insane path that the Republican leadership has taken to defy their constituency will have consequences and those consequences will see the light of day no matter what games the GOP plays at the convention. Someone is going to have to pay for this level of corruption and it will be those most vocal in destroying the illusion that the people pick the parties nominee or even the presidency.

We are already starting to see the first seeds of the peoples vengeance begin to take root. Take John McCain as the first victim of political backlash. He may now loose the seat he should easily be able to keep. And guess what? Most of Trumps supporters will celebrate if he loses it.

When Donald Trump asserts that our elected officials in Washington are stupid he isn’t kidding. These clowns are so desperate to hold onto their power that they would watch America burn before giving it up and the American people, their employers, are seeing this first hand. They smell the stench of corruption in the GOP and are only tolerating it because it looks like Trump will win the nomination but the question is will they continue to vote for Republican House and Senate members when November rolls around? A lot of conservative voters still have an ugly taste in their mouths over the way the GOP handled their primaries in 2012, and the way they are handing the 2016 primaries and convention seems very likely to be the straw that breaks the camels back.

The American people are mad as hell. It is likely that the Republican Party will bleed itself to death and just as likely they that they will place the blame on Trumps shoulders instead of on their own where it so rightly belongs. The problem with that kind of thinking by the leadership is that it is a lie and the American people know it is a lie and that is the exact kind of thing the people are mad as hell over.

We are tired of being lied to. We are tired of the corruption. We are tired of politicians thinking they rule over us. We are tired of the economy. We are tired of immigration in general and illegal immigration in particular. We are tired of the media…..

and only a great fool would think that we are going to take it anymore.


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