WoW 2016 is Just Like 2008


Remember that old axiom “history repeats itself?” It sure does. Watching the 2016 Republican Primaries unfold is just like watching the 2008 DNC primaries unfold. It is such a striking similarity that it is like listening to the same song looped over and over again. It is simply uncanny.

Just like Jeb Bush was supposed to be the nominee in 2016, Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the nominee in 2008. Barrack Obama was the Washington outsider in 2008 and Donald Trump is the Washington outsider in 2016. Trump is getting Democrats to jump ship and Obama got Republicans to jump ship. Obama won big and Trump is winning big.

I remember how the Democrat Party claimed that Obama wasn’t really a liberal and even today lots of people on the left think he wasn’t liberal enough. There were probably a lot of closed door meetings at the DNC about having a brokered convention so Clinton could be the nomination and probably a lot of talk about voting for McCain or starting a 3rd party to “Stop Obama.” To the DNC establishment Obama was a nobody, a pot smoking, coke snorting, crack smoking, cock sucker who the party couldn’t control.

And talking about pot smoking, coke snorting, crack smoking, cock suckering nobodies  the media had a plethora of accusations to work with. There was that bullshit about him  being a Muslim, Jeremiah Wright, a couple of gay lovers who met untimely ends, whether he was an American citizen at all, the fraud he committed when going to college as a foreign aid student, eating dogs, his lack of experience, his lack of accomplishments as a senator, his wifes questionable birth gender and so much more that the media had a field day every day bashing him. And how about the time his dis-tractors threatened his children? Do you remember that too?

And of course there were those home grown terrorists trying to pass themselves off as protestors. I mean America is the most racist nation in the world so it is to be expected that the KKK, Neo-Nazis and other White Supremacy groups would have been at the Obama rallies calling his supporters mudsharks, nigger lovers, fascists and screaming the words “Our streets” as loud as they could. Who could forget how conservatives blocked the streets, slapped horses around and stopped ambulances in the middle of the highway from reaching people who might have desperately needed medical attention.

The really sad part was after Obama got elected how all those conservatives supported by the Koch Brothers all moved to Canada after the election too.

So when you think about it there really isn’t anything new or unusual going on here. See we are all the same and react in the same way given the same stimulus. We aren’t better than them and they aren’t better than us life is just a circle.

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