Liberalism is Clearly a Mental Disorder


Progressive liberals are always going on and on about how much smarter they are than conservatives but their behavior over the last couple of weeks has proven one thing that conservatives have been saying about them for ages which is they are all suffering from a mental disorder.

Where have these idiots been for the last 8 months a cave in Afghanistan? Every time anyone has ever attacked Donald Trump he has gotten stronger. Not just stronger but more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined last July just like Obi Wan Kenobi. Some of the smartest people in Washington and in the media have been attacking Trump since he began his presidential campaign and what did they get for their efforts? Nada, ziltch, buchus is what they got for messing with him. The definition of stupid is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result.

And you’d think these clowns would have learned something from the Occupy movement. What did they get for that? Well they got nada, ziltch and buchus. What has so called protesting gotten for anyone really especially violent protesting which is what these people are doing. Remember the old liberal adage “words hit like a fist”? The shit these losers are yelling at people for simply attending a rally is verbal violence of the worst kind. Their reward for what they are doing outside of their own shrinking circles is scorn much like BLM.

Now this could all be blown off it it was just stupid college students. No one expects them to be very bright anyway especially these snowflake pansies we see in the somewhat higher schools of learning that we have today. Sadly it’s not just them it is people we kinda though had more than a couple of cells upstairs in the ole noggin. Isn’t George Soros supposed to be a smart guy? So why is he funding violent protests that will only make Trump a more attractive candidate to people who are tired of this kind of mindless, unpatriotic and uncivilized bullshit? I guess he must be suffering from Alzheimers. I’m not gonna mention Bernie Sanders supporters because I’m just gonna assume everyone knows that these criminally ignorant losers are as dumb as any snowflake college student out there.

The truth is progressive liberals are exposing themselves for what they really are and conservatives across the country should be cheering them on. Because of their behavior not only will more people rally around Trump but these wolf criers are going to have to wait a very long time before anyone ever takes them seriously again. And if Trump does get elected and turns out to be even a marginally decent President …. there won’t be another liberal in the White House again for a very long time.

So to all the progressive liberals who are going to make complete assholes out of themselves, their supporters, the people financing them and of course the liberal media …..

Thank you very much, thank you very much that’s the nicest thing that anyones ever done for me thank you very very very much. 🙂



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