Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


Do you remember the first few months of the Republican Primaries? Everyone thought Donald Trump was trying to pull a fast one. Maybe some elaborate commercial for some scheme he had up his sleeve? But as the months wore on it became pretty clear that he was serious about running for president and that there were a lot of voters who were taking his run seriously as well. But I think the best part of all was listening to the Democrats proclaim how much they would love to run against Trump. According to them he would be the easiest candidate to beat and they couldn’t wait for those brain dead conservatives to make Trump the Republican nominee.

Times change.

We’re all getting pretty used to the fact that the Republican power brokers , both donators and politicians in Washington are scared to death of Trump and for good reason. An outsider in the White House means at least some of the corruption is in danger, and given Trumps work ethic maybe a lot of corruption is in danger. Some of these traitors to the American people have sworn to stop Trump by any means possible but unless they want to completely destroy their party for ever and ever they will eventually be forced to step aside and kneel to their new King. This part of the primaries is pretty funny but the big laughs are coming from the left.

Right now the lefties are soiling their undies. They really don’t have a viable candidate and they can try to pump up Clinton the criminal and Sanders the pinko commie rat bastard all they want but the truth is my beagle could beat either one of them in the upcoming in November. I’m pretty sure they had to come to terms with that simple fact right at the start of the primaries. You can’t have your messiah puking out 8 years of a failed presidency and expect the American people to embrace another 4 to 8 years of epic failure no matter who they managed to get to be their nominee. That’s the fact Jack.

Still with the rest of the Republican hopefuls, the left knows they can manipulate them through their little politically correct playbook just enough to ensure that most of their pet projects like illegal immigration, Obama Care, LGBT, BLM, feminism and a host of other PC goodies are still viable 4 years from now when they get another shot at the White House. Trump is a different story. He doesn’t care about their little “feelings” and would probably completely ignore them and do what he thought was right for the country and not for them.

You can see just how scared out of their minds they are through their behavior. Why would you protest someones campaign if you thought you could beat them? Of course you wouldn’t if anything you’d be encouraging Republicans to vote for Trump. Instead of voting for Kasich in his home state and many Democrats did (which in my opinion completely negates that win for him), they would have come out in droves to vote for Trump. After all that’s the guy they wanted to run against right? (you can laugh now it’s ok everyone else is laughing too)

The truth is Trump is a much bigger threat to the left than any other candidate running for the GOP. People who have never voted in their entire lives are registering and voting for Trump in droves. Independents are voting for Trump and even a lot of Democrats are jumping ship and swimming to the light. By the gods even Hispanics and Blacks are running away from Clinton and Sanders as if they were detonated nuclear bombs. It’s a new game and the progressive liberals are scared out of their minds.

When the rubber hits the road it doesn’t matter anymore what the media thinks or says the people have taken the reigns of the political process into their own hands and the sheep herders and their sheep dogs seem to be losing their flock. The behavior from both the Republican power brokers and the progressive liberals tell you all you need to know about the Presidential election in November. Trump will be the next President of the United States and even the bums on the left know it.


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