It’s Really Hard Not to be Racist

In 1976 when I was 16 and moved to South Florida there wasn’t a racist bone in my body. My family took in Fresh Air kids every summer and they were just like any other kids but in my neck of the woods there was only one Black family in the whole county so I was never really exposed to “Black Culture.” I remember first arriving in Florida and seeing how some Whites treated Blacks and I was appalled. I mean they were people just like you and me so what’s the problem. Not long after arriving in Florida I went to the local high school and what I saw was shocking. I couldn’t tell you today how many race fights there were in our schools parking lot and it was always the kids from the mostly Black school coming to our school looking for trouble. On several occasions the local police S.W.A.T. teams had to be called in …. for high school kids. Many arrests were made but being minors they were usually quickly released.

This was one hell of a culture shock as you might imagine.

Still over the years I have done my best not to condemn all Black folks for the actions of a few even though you could never be friends with other Blacks because quite frankly they always put up barriers that got in the way of true friendship. With my White friends I could do what people commonly do with friends when they are joking with them or angry at them, call them names. Wop, surrender monkey, dago, limey and I can’t even count how many times I’m been called a Nazi or kraut in my life. All of that without anyone turning into a pugilist over mere words but with your Black “friends” it was more like being around your parents when you were 10. Call a Black man or kid boy and they fly off the handle. Shit I call all men boys and all men girls WTF?

The last 8 years it has been especially hard not to be racist. Sure there was always that element in the Black community that blamed all of their troubles on Whites but they used to be the fringe element. Now, not only do most Blacks seem to blame Whites for all their troubles a great many Blacks think Whites don’t even have the right to live. Today the vocal element of Black society in America doesn’t want equality they want dominance and murder. In the simplest of terms they want a race war and believe they will win if one is ignited. For me that makes it hard to like Black people at all much less not be harboring racist views.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have very strong racist moments. When I see Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson on T.V. or in the news that only thought that comes to mind is “nigger.” When I hear or read stories about Black Lives Matter and/or the New Black Panthers the words “dirty niggers” come to mind. Everyone is racist no matter who they are in one way or another but I have to admit that the level of racism I feel today is much higher than the level of racism I felt in 1976 and even in 2008. I don’t feel good about that but it certainly isn’t my doing.

My personal experiences with Blacks haven’t been all that great but they haven’t been all bad either. I dated a Black girl for 4 months back in 1990 and she was fun and sexy and we both enjoyed each others company. But the truth is, Blacks had a much bigger problem with our relationship than most Whites did. Maybe it was just because she was extremely attractive. She could have easily been a model if she had a mind to. After a while I just got sick of the crap from Black guys. Dating a Black girl was more dangerous than cruising Brown Down for crack rocks so it had to end.

The point of all this is that I bet a lot of White folks feel exactly the same as I do. Progressive liberals and the Obama Regime among others have encouraged Black militancy in America and the result is we took several steps backwards in getting along.

Things have to chance and the truth is if the Blacks who have been silent up until this point remain silent and don’t call their own people out on their bullshit things will only continue to get worse until what? We start gunning each other down in the streets like Blacks do to each other in places like Chicago and Baltimore? Is that going to end well for anyone?

I think the one chance we have to heal the rift is Donald Trump. I don’t think he’s the kind of guy to put up with a lot of PC nonsense and what gives me hope is seeing how many leaders and just regular folks from the Black community are coming over to his side. Clearly they have had enough of this nonsense too. If we can get folks back to work, create opportunities in America for everyone, and start making BLM and  the Panthers accountable for their behavior and maybe even get some more cops in Black neighborhoods to make them safer we can get back on the right track as a people.

What we are doing now in this country is growing racism not quelling it.




One thought on “It’s Really Hard Not to be Racist

  1. I have talked with white people who were never racist until they actually had to work/live among black people. One guy said, “I wasn’t a racist until I joined the Military”. Blacks and Moslems: two sides of the same evil coin. Always playing the victim. They never take responsibility for their actions- it’s always someone else’s fault. Enough is enough. If that makes me a racist- it’s a label I will wear with pride from now on.


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