Who is Behind the Refugee Crisis?


Someone asked me today who was behind the refugee crisis and what did they have to gain from it. I doubt they really want to know in fact I think if I had a loaded .44 magnum and put that gun to anyones temple and threatened to pull the trigger that everyone could correctly answer this question. Then again maybe everyone has become so afraid to answer this question that they would allow themselves to be shot and killed rather than have to openly admit who is behind this mess.

The media would have you believe that this attempt at the genocide of Europe and the United States is as simple as cheap labor. They contend that Western Civilization just isn’t popping out enough children to sustain a vibrant economy so the big money players are backing people who will talk a lot of smack about protecting the sovereignty of said nations but not actually do anything about it until it is much to late to do anything effective about it. Most people accept this explanation because it sounds viable and there is likely an element of truth in it but it is a leaky bucket. See the same group of people who want open boarders are also the same group of people who have been telling us for generations to have fewer children and have been promoting the idea that you really don’t have to have children, probably shouldn’t have more than one or two if you do have children, and just think how much more fun your life would be if you didn’t have the ball and chain of raising children to drag you down along with several other social constructs that, when the rubber hits the road are anti family and anti children.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is. See the KKK and the NeoNazis and other groups who profess to defend the White race have been right all along that there has been a conspiracy to commit genocide on Caucasians. Perhaps not complete genocide but most certainly to destroy whatever Caucasian power structures might be in place even in their own nations.

This is the part in our discussion where cognitive dissidence kicks in. Don’t feel bad it is only natural and something I myself experienced when I first started digging into the roots of this subject myself. The truth is we have all been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to believe things that simply are not true and that conditioning has been occurring almost every day of our entire lives. These lies which have been pawned off as historical truths have started to unravel because of the information age and the group behind the scenes are fearful of the ramifications of these lies being completely exposed to the general public.

The truth you do not want to face and the truth that must remain hidden from you is that everything you have been taught about the first half of the 20th century is a complete fabrication and it all hovers around the Balfour Declaration a declaration that the West is still paying a huge price for today. Without going into too much detail (which I could fill an encyclopedia with) the people behind the refugee crisis are the same Zionists who dominate the political, media, and financial systems of just about every Western country you could possibly think of. They cannot allow themselves to be exposed and there are no ends they would not go to to keep the information from becoming mainstream and frankly who could blame them. Once deceptions of this magnitude are exposed it always ends with torches and pitchforks and these people have seen that scenario played out against them many times before in history.

You see the Middle Eastern Muslims already know …. they just don’t give a shit about it because they have never been conned. They have always known. It is White people who would be grabbing the torches and pitchforks if they ever realized just how badly they have been conned by such a small minority and it is only White dominated countries who are in a position of payback. So they must be destroyed and they will be destroyed.

And that is just the way it is.


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