It’s Time to Suck it up Cupcakes


It’s time for the media and the Republican Party to cut the bull. The truth is and has been throughout this primary that Trump is an unstoppable runaway train. The people are screaming from the rafters and it isn’t just the middle class or White people as many would have you believe. Trump supporters are across the board. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Christians, agnostics (there really is no such thing as atheists) , Muslims, rich, poor, even many foreigners (who see America as weak when they need her to be strong) are all stumping for Trump not to mention the throngs of people who have never voted in their lives who suddenly feel like they might have a voice in the process.

Brokered convention? Not only would that completely destroy the Republican Party for ever and ever Trump would not just likely run as a third party candidate, it is also very very possible if not likely that he would win anyway and in doing so establish a new 2nd party to replace the GOP. Both Clinton and Sanders are so poisonous to the fabric of the American landscape that neither one of them have a real chance to win and the GOP has no one the people want so much as Trump. If Trump enters on a 3rd party platform and manages to show any strength at all as a candidate the people will flock to him if for no other reason than to be able to side with a winner. And of course Trumps core supporters will follow him no matter what he does and there is no saying what percentage of current supporters that represents whether it is 50% or 90%.

If America is ever going to heal itself continuing this farce of Trump being some kind of monster that he is not is terrible for the process and terrible for America. There comes a time when the detractors must look into their mirrors and accept the inevitable whether they like it or not and get behind the presumptive nominee and stop pussy footing around. America has had enough of the division of the last 8 years and it is time to put that monster to bed.

This can be one of the most glorious and historical elections in the history of America or, in the worst case scenario it can be the prelude to the end of America as we know it and as we knew it before the Obama Regime. If it all falls apart it won’t be Trumps fault and it sure won’t be the fault of the people. History will record that the entities at fault are the GOP and the corrupt news media.

Let’s hope that the powers that be come to their senses.


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