Chinese VS. Africans

American Chinese and American Africans share some strikingly similar histories in America but one group has completely out shined the other. Perhaps it is time to compare both peoples and try to determine what one group has done right and the other group has done wrong.

The major difference between these two groups is that one was brought here by force while the other came mostly willingly and yet regardless of the method of their arrival, both groups are infinitely better off today than if they had stayed in the lands of their origin. Even with the benefits of colonialism (see Milton Freedman) Africa by an large still suffers today from the petty tribalism that has kept that continent mostly in the stone age. Though there are oasis of progress these relatively small areas do not really represent Africa as a whole. In China the population suffers from the yoke of totalitarianism where the very few rule over the masses with an iron fist. Must of China like most of Africa is still centuries behind the modern world.

Americans are familiar with the circumstances and history surrounding Africans in America even though the details seem to escape people of all races in the land of the free. Very few Americans of any race save perhaps those of Chinese decent themselves, know of the history of Chinese peoples in America.

When the Chinese started coming to America they landed on the California coast in droves. They might as well have been from outer space they were so different from the people who were already in California. Of course human nature being what it is, the Chinese were feared and hated right from the start. Just about anyone could murder a Chinese immigrant with absolute immunity because unlike Africans they had no real value and were considered worthless leeches.

There was no work for the Chinese other than the most dangerous jobs. Many worked and lost their lives building the railroad blown to pieces because who cared if they got out of the way of the dynamite explosions or not. To simplify and make a long and complicated story short, the Chinese had a very horrendous start in America.

Yet even given the racism leveled at the Chinese and the complete lack of value that Americans viewed their lives to be, today Chinese Americans are highly revered. America has embraced Chinese culture and traditions and the most sought after interracial relationships in America are between White men and Asian women.

Blacks on the other hand do not have this type of positive relationship with the rest of America. At best in America Blacks are entertaining but there aren’t any other racial groups in America trying to embrace them the way the Chinese (actually the Chinese paved the way for all orientals in America so I’m going to use that term from here on out) have been embraced. Even I have a couple of oriental concrete miniature houses on my back stoop and burn incense regularly. I’m pretty sure there is a large fan around here somewhere too and I often eat with chopsticks because it is fun.

What the Chinese did that the Africans didn’t was keep their heads down and work together. Though all groups have their criminal element and surely Orientals have theirs that criminality has never been the main focus of their culture unlike the African community whose cultures nucleus is gangster rap, drugs and pimping.

The key to the success of orientals in America has been their food. There isn’t a single person reading this that hasn’t eaten some Oriental inspired dish during the last month. I myself in recent weeks taught myself how to make General Tso’s chicken and I’m one mean mother with a wok.

Now of course real Chinese food isn’t exactly something most Americans would have been eager to swallow so the Chinese and later Orientals from other parts of Asia altered their recipes to better suit the pallets of the people they wanted as customers. They put their cultural pride aside to become successful. As more Americans discovered how good this food was they also started taking a closer look at Asian cultures and began to admire these cultures and want to learn more.

What really happened was that orientals earned respect, they did not demand it which is a sharp contrast with the African community. There were very few opportunities for employment for the Chinese people when they first came to America so they made their own jobs doing laundry and cooking food and no job wasn’t good enough for them. They also kept their families together as divorce is even today a relatively rare thing in Oriental American households.

Of course the lessons of the oriental experience in America are lessons that can be learned by everyone in America. Keep your family together no matter what, keep your head down, never let your situation discourage you, and work together towards the same goal. But no group of people are  more desperate today in a country led by a African man than the African people.

Sadly until Africans see this for themselves their condition will remain the same as it has since the Civil Rights Marches of the 1960’s. Marches don’t change anything positive actions do. You cannot demand respect you have to earn it.

The one bright light is that many Africans today are at least beginning to understand these concepts and have rejected the progressive shackles of entitlement and blame associated with the losers of the African community. The voices you hear in the media today may or may not be the minority of Africans but those voices are beginning to shrink and many Africans are beginning to return to their Christian roots, their devotion to family, and their faith in hard work and self made success.

Still it is in everyones best interest to help our fellow Americans and the only way to do that is to bring back jobs because dignity and respect of oneself as adults is always rooted in opportunity. Not handouts or entitlements but the opportunity to improve ones condition through ones own determination and hard work.

We need someone who can return opportunity to America for all Americans and there is no one who has more experience in building opportunity than Donald Trump. But we also need the African community in America to understand that no one owes them shit. That duty lies on the shoulders of successful Africans and those who are succeeding by their own tenacity and hard work.  They need to share their experiences and knowledge gained with those who are burning down their neighborhoods, wasting what little they have on $200 sneakers and bling, and looking towards crime and entertainment for success.

(note the photo below is of a girl who is Oriental/African mix)


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