The Forced Resignation of Breitbarts Fields and Shapiro


Above all else Breitbart News Network portrays itself in the image of Andrew Breitbart a former liberal who saw the light and embraced and rallied for conservatism before his passing a few years ago. The one thing the BNN certainly does not want to be associated with is anything liberal or anything that might resemble liberal tactics.

This past week BNN reporter Michelle Fields made the erroneous claim that Donald Trumps campaign manager roughly handled her and threw her to the floor and went so far as to file charges against him for this alleged act. Rumor has it that Ben Shapiro whose outspokenness against Trump has practically reached psychotic proportions stood staunchly behind Fields story. Both claimed to have resigned over BNNs handling of the story.

But there’s a problem, the story doesn’t hold water.

The first sign that something was amiss was the photos of the bruises Fields claimed to have received at the hands of Trumps campaign manager. These photos showed bruises that were brown which indicated that the bruises were old. New bruises tend to be purple or yellow or a mixture of both and as they age they turn brownish in color. These days everyone has cell phone video recorders so of course eventually someone uploaded their video of the event in question which showed Trumps campaign manager quickly but gently moving Fields out of the way as Trumps entourage passed the group Fields was in, obviously for security reasons as Fields was much too close to the candidate and it also proves that Fields was not pushed to the ground as she claimed.

Clearly Fields was being completely disingenuous about the incident as the evidence proves so why did Shapiro, who most have come to know as a pretty straightforward conservative refuse to drop the false narrative?  Could it be that he was so blinded by his need to destroy Trump at any cost that he was incapable of thinking rationally? Or could it be that behind the scenes Ben and Michelle have a little something something going on in the cloak room and perhaps got caught? And why has Breitbart News suddenly decided to be a little more even handed with Trump stories after weeks of trashing the Republican front runner?

The abrupt turn around in the way BNN is handling the Republican primary suggests that Shapiro and Fields “resignations” were a bit less voluntary than the media would have us believe. BNN did nothing wrong or out of the ordinary in reporting on Fields accusations but one can imagine that once all the evidence came out in the form of undeniable video they would have been quick to distance themselves as far away from Fields as they possibly could. Why risk their fairly recent exponential growth on a reporter who clearly lied about an incident she was reporting on? Shapiro’s exit could not have been all that voluntary considering that the entire direction of the site changed immediately following what must have been his dismissal.

You won’t hear this story in the media because whether it is liberal or conservative media these people protect their own. Many media sources refuse to discuss an employees departure from the company and a perfect example of that  is Clear Channel Communications whose only recommendation ever given to future employers is the date the employee began work and the date they left not whether they quit …. or were fired. I’m pretty sure Ben and Michelle got pink slips.


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