The Condemnation of Populism


You’d think that after all these most recent months the media would have realized that they no longer “control” the political narrative in America. If you think that you’d be mistaken. They certainly do not control the political narrative anymore but they just can’t let go.  Ever since I stopped watching FOX News regularly because of the extremely bias slant in their reporting since it has become apparent that Donald Trump might actually become president, when I do watch television news I do it surfing between one station to the next. One of the things I have noticed especially lately (and especially on FOX) is that all the television news sources have been condemning what they call populism in America. They also regularly associate populism with the rise of Adolf Hitler in post WWI Germany.

Clearly the media is still in the business of trying to condition your feeble little minds. As I often do (even though I do know what populism means) I sought definition from one of the worlds great dictionaries Merriam-Webster who defined populism as and I quote “a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people.” Dam those “common” people! Who do they think they are anyway?

What the media is saying through their contempt and condemnation of “populism” is that the people are suspect. There is something dangerously wrong with the American people in the medias view. The people stopped believing them and doing exactly what they have told us to do. Suddenly in a republic that in theory is supposed to be by and for the people, the people have broken their chains to the establishment and have begun to think on their own. Oh noes say it ain’t so!

Think about it. The media has so much contempt for you that the moment you start thinking for yourselves they ridicule you and condemn you. They are implying that you are Nazis for not goose stepping along to their whims.

It has come to pass that the American people no longer have any faith in their news sources. Americans have the internet at their fingertips and they can find the truth themselves. The media has cried wolf so many times that like the little boy who did the same, no one is paying much attention to them anymore. And these elitists just can’t stand it.

The thought police just like the political establishment have become so out of touch that they are no longer relevant. And for the unwashed masses who yearn to be free that is a very good thing.


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