It Isn’t About Trump

Sometimes I wonder about the critical thinking skills of the press. I haven’t read or heard any journalist correctly identify the reason that the left has simply lost its mind. Think about this for a moment if it was Cruz or Rubio who had turned out to be the front runner at this time with the positions both candidates currently hold could we honestly say that there wouldn’t be the exact same kind of rhetoric and violent protests that we are seeing at Trump rallies today.

The truth is that it really doesn’t matter who the Republican nominee is as long as the G.O.P. convention doesn’t turn into a complete farce by becoming a brokered convention, there isn’t a chance in hell that Clinton or Sanders will ever become President of the United States. Sanders is little more than a bum and Clinton is viewed as a dishonest possibly criminal witch. As long as the G.O.P. big wigs don’t completely screw up the process a Republican will be in the White House next year.

So what does that mean to liberals? It means the free ride is over. Extravagant entitlements will go the way of the dodo bird. Various militant minority groups will no longer be the dominating voice in our society. The current open door policy will be curtailed. And more.

The left will never take this lying down. They have had 8 years of raping and pillaging American society and yes no matter who the front runner is they would still be conducting as much mayhem as they possibly can because when the rubber hits the road they are bullies who hate Americas way of life.

Vultures like the media, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, Sanders and Obama want you to believe the fault for this behavior can somehow be Trumps or at the very least he is part of the blame but the truth is that the fault lies with the current POTUS. From the first elections in 2008 when the Obama Regime refused to prosecute The New Black Panthers who were clearly violating several federal laws by interfering with people at the voting booths the message to the left was clear. That message was reinforced by the Martin and Brown cases as well as others. As Baltimore burned the Black mayor sat back and just watched the carnage.

It isn’t Trump who created an atmosphere of progressive liberal terrorism in America it is Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Beyonce Knowles, the liberal media and a host of other goose stepping progressive liberals trolls who have been sowing these seeds for a very long time who are to blame.

And the reason this is all coming to a head (and will probably get worse) is because progressive liberals are about to lose their dominance over the American social landscape and they know it.



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