R.I.P. Progressive Liberalism


Many watched in horror as a gang of violent ruffians in the worst chime fulled shithole in America showed their true colors in Chicago Friday night. Incentivized by Glen Beck, MoveOn.org, The New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, radical feminists, the LGBT community and other left wing terrorist organizations the people in America were finally exposed to the truth about progressive liberalism in all its glory. And of course the media was right there exposing itself as it has done on a regular basis since it became abundantly clear that the 45th president of The United States of America is likely to be Donald J.Trump.

What we witnessed tonight was the death of progressive liberalism. Though in truth their time in the spotlight has been over for some time the actions of these terrorists nailed the lid on the leftist coffin tonight. You can prattle on about the violent history of leftists and their ideology until you are blue in the face but it never really sinks home for some people until it is happening right in from of their eyes and after tonight there is no mistaking which side of the fence is the most violent with leftists going so far as behaving like Muslim refugees in Germany on New Years eve. These people are fundamentally dangerous and every rational thinking person can clearly see that now.

I’m just surprised it took this long for these parasites of society to expose themselves. Perhaps they just hadn’t realized until today that their power was fading faster than a pair of blue jeans in a washer full of bleach. The general public is sick of political correctness and they are sick of militant minority groups who think they have taken over the nation. The silent majority is silent no more and their voices are being heard loud and clear at the ballot boxes and what their voices are saying is “No more.”

Progressive liberalism is finished in America. They pushed too hard and too fast with the cooperation and encouragement of the Obama regime and the pendulum is swinging back with a vengeance. The fat lady has ascended the stage and even those on the left have realized that she will indeed make it to center stage to belt out her finale and there is nothing they can do to stop it now so like all losers they have taken to the streets to fill our jails and prisons and be the ultimate dependents of the state trowing their lives away for causes no one really wants. Good riddance.

Because no matter what they do, what violence they create, what lies they tell, the American people have had enough of them and their goal of fundamentally transforming America has failed. America will be made great again and for all these haters of the Constitution and the American way of life their lives are over.

And they won’t be missed.



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