The Truth About Breitbart News


I’ve been reading with somewhat mild interest about some female reporter over at Breitbart News claiming she got roughed up at a Donald Trump rally. So what she’s a journalist and idiots like Black Lives Matters and other various liberal groups not to mention a few psycho people on the far right have gone out of their way to make Trump rallies as miserable as they possibly can. A little pushing and shoving and maybe some arm grabbing is to be expected. For the left to be doing this seems kind of strange considering that they claimed that they hoped Trump would be the Republican nominee because in their omnipotent opinions Clinton would lay the Donald to waste in the general election. So why would they be objecting to his campaign rallies you’d think that if anything they’d be supporting Trump right? Perhaps with some of their own abandoning ship and making that desperate swim to the dark side they have finally seen the writing on the wall but I digress as this isn’t really what this Op-Ed is about.

This Op-ed is about Breitbart News.

I used to post a ton of Breitbart News articles on my Google+ page because they did report fairly on the Teflon Don for a few months but that ship done sailed long ago. The guy in charge over at Breitbart News is Ben Shapiro and he, as well as most of his cohorts over at PJ Media have made it pretty clear that they simply loath Donald Trump. These days I have to pick through many of their articles to find one worth sharing with Trump Fans which I have become less and less interested in doing given their insane amount of advertising that constantly tests the limits of flash player and a couple of other plug ins that make visiting the site a nightmare anyway.

So imagine my surprise today when reading several articles from several other sites that I used for postings claiming that Breitbart News has been mostly pro Trump? Really? Have I been going to some phony page because what I have seen there is mostly negative Trump and positive Bush, Rubio, and Cruz articles. Breitbart News has pretty much turned itself into the internets version of FOX News.

Breitbart News is making the same mistake the entrenched old cronies over at the GOP has been making which of course is going on a Trump witch hunt. As they bitch and moan about how badly poor little Ben Shapiro is being treated at left wing campuses across America (which they use to promote their site) and slap themselves on the back for opening offices in Texas, London and Israel they have managed to take what was once a pretty good conservative site and make it into little more than a money making machine just like FOX, NBC and CNN.

You know I haven’t mentioned how I’ve felt about Breitbart News over the last few weeks because I kinda hoped they’d snap out of it. I remember having a few brief conversations with Ben over at Facebook not long after Andrew died when he was trying to get his homage to Andrew Breitbart going (at that time they were going pretty slowly and he had time to talk to the little people) and thinking this kid is driven. Well he’s been driving himself right off the wack-ado cliff lately.

I’m still hoping Ben and Klavan and Whittle and Rachel get their shit together when it comes to Trump and when appropriate I will continue to share an article or Op-ed or two from Bens page but it is no longer my first stop (or second or third) and it hasn’t been for a while now. But to make the claim that Breitbart News somehow supports Donald Trumps presidential campaign is just simply insane in the membrane. And frankly I think this whole thing is being blown out of proportion to draw attention to Breitbart News and to try to sabotage Trump.

#BreitbartNewsNetwork #teamtrump


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