These Are Amazing Times


Sometimes when I listen to Donald Trump speak my eyes well up. I’m not a crybaby or anything but I love the United States of America and what has been happening to this country for decades has hurt my heart more than I can ever hope to express. Anger is the emotion that has consumed me when I hear about our government and for the first time in a very  very long time a glimmer of hope has taken spark in my heart for my country and honestly for the world as well.

We the people have spoken up loud and clear and for the first time ever the talking heads in Washington and the media haven’t been able to sway us. It is like alcoholics in that we have absolutely hit rock bottom and as we lay there next to the proverbial urinal in a puddle of our own urine and puke we have been hit by an epiphany.

No more.

No more having the media tell us how to think and tell us who to vote for. No more big money driving the election process. No more crusty old entrenched party big wigs claiming ownership over our conservative movement. We have put the bottle down and we are ready to sober up and we no longer want or need those drunken clowns trying to drag us back to the bar. We’ve had enough. We’re mad as hell and we sure as hell aren’t going to take this anymore.

These are amazing and exciting times that this nation hasn’t seen since the Revolutionary War. For the first time since that historical revolution the people are standing up and taking back what rightfully has always belonged to them. We the American people have decided that we won’t accept false narratives anymore and whatever narrative is written will be written by us and not some jokers who think they have the right and ability to rule over us.

In the words of that great defender of freedom and liberty, “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we’re free at last!”


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