Conservatives for the Complete African American Idiot


Do I have your attention now Black folks? I sure hope so because you’ve been lied to for decades. Worse, you’ve been lied to for so long you’ve actually started believing the lies. My job here is to help you see the light so please bear with me while I preach the gospel of truth and reality to you. Can you handle the truth?

Your friends the Democrats and the progressive liberals have been telling you for a very long time that conservatives want to keep you down and nothing could be further from the truth. Why would we want you on welfare? Because we’re racists? Let’s assume that is true for a moment and ask yourselves why would a bunch of racists want to pay you to have babies and stay at home? Why would racists want to pay for your room and board and whatever else you spend those government checks on? They’d have to be pretty stupid racists wouldn’t they? “Hey I’m a racist and here take all my money!” But a racist might want to take someone elses money and give it to you to keep you down and out of the workforce wouldn’t they.

Conservatives are not racists we are capitalists. We understand that sooner or later the government will run out of other peoples money. Having a job means you have a chance to build a career and make a better life for you and your family. Having a job gives you something more productive with your time than watching Maury Povitch, selling crack on the street corner, or pimping ho’s. Having a job will keep you out of jail. Having a job also makes you a better consumer and the further you climb up the job ladder the better consumer you become because you can afford better food, a nicer house, take out a loan for a car, and send your kids to college (on your own terms). There is nothing to be gained for conservatives by keeping you down and everything to be gained by helping you achieve by providing the opportunity for you to change your stars.

The Democrats however have a lot to gain by keeping you down and robbing you of your dignity. Your votes give them power and control over you. They want you to believe that people who had nothing to do with slavery owe you something. They want you to feel entitled to what someone else has earned so that you don’t feel the desire to go out into the big world and make it on your own. They want you to feel helpless and weak and they want you right where you are in those inner cities so they can control you.

You see Black folks you’ve been conned out of everything worth having in life by people who truly don’t give a dam about you. What has 8 years of a pinko commie Black president gotten you? I’ll tell you what these progressive liberals have done to you. They have left you with dangerous neighborhoods with charred remains of business that might have provided jobs that will never return. They have left you with city streets the police don’t want to patrol so your children can’t even feel safe in their own block. They have taken your dignity and replaced it with screaming turds who have alienated many of the people who would have helped you and created racist ideas where they may not have been before. They have so poisoned some of your people that all they have in their hearts is hatred for others and they have allowed your people to butcher each other and done little to nothing about it.

We conservatives wish to embrace you. We want to help you help yourselves but we can’t do that if you keep voting for the liars and deceivers who have done nothing for you but make you feel angry. Has voting for Democrats done anything for Blacks in Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore? Has voting for Democrats done anything more anywhere than chain you to the slavery of dependence? There is a reason why government benefits pay more than an introductory job because they don’t even want to give you a place on the starting line. A free person is capable of providing for themselves a slave, just like on the plantation, needs to be cared for because they are incapable of caring for themselves. You are their slave.

What I am suggesting is that you take real control of your lives and break the bonds that bind you to the slavery of handouts and vote for Donald Trump and join us all in Making America Great Again. Nothing is going to get better for you if you continue voting for Democrats. Trump couldn’t do any worse but Democrats sure can and will and when they bankrupt the country where will you go to reach your dreams and goals?

Let’s be Americans together and work together to make everyone’s lives better and to give everyone the opportunity to succeed in life. No, conservatives won’t be offering you reparations you don’t deserve and will never come. No free cell phones or computers. Conservatives offer you something much greater than material freebees we offer you real hope and dignity. Give us a shot. What have you got to lose at this point? Worse case is nothing good will happen but that is what’s happening now. Best case ….. you’ll be in control of your own lives like free people should be.


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