Onward Trump Soldiers!

I can feel the disappointment in the air after Saturdays election. This should have been a complete shut out but it wasn’t. We look at the states who voted for someone else other than Donald Trump and we are perplexed. How could they. Do they not see the evil? Why would they so easily embrace that which is good for none? How can they ignore the Constitution?

There is an old saying that states that nothing worth having is easy. Anyone who thought that electing a political outsider as the GOP nominee was going to be easy was only kidding themselves. With the media, foreign entities, the establishment GOP and the big money donors all on the Trump attack we should be grateful that it wasn’t much worse than it turned out to be. He’s been compared to Hitler by several sources for Petes sake.

This is the greatest test of our lives. Will we be strong? Will we fight on? Will we do whatever we can to make sure that come next year at this time we’ll have the pleasure of uttering the words “President Donald J. Trump”? I believe we can, I believe we will and I believe we must.

What is done is done but on Tuesday we have a chance to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women. From now until them we cannot afford to be slackers in fact we can’t afford to be slackers from now until the convention. If we want to Make America Great Again we must fight tooth and nail because unless we do America will continue down the slippery slope that we have been sliding down steadily throughout this new century.

So join me Trumpamaniacs. Fight with me to the bitter end to save our republic from the RINOs and the media and the progressive liberals and the lobbyists and the big money donors and anyone else who would destroy this country for their own ends.

And thank the lord that we must get into the trenches and fight against the evil who would control this nation. We the people must prevail. We are the revolution. And this time unlike all the other times before we won’t have to shed the blood of patriots and despots. All we have to do is GET OUR PEOPLE TO THE POLLS!





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