The Establishment is Very Afraid

Most people don’t know what is really going on in the world or even what has gone on in the past. The reality of our world is a spiders web of corruption and deceit and it has been for a very long time now with each string of silk connected to the next holding the web of illusion together. What is unfolding before our very eyes is the web beginning to rip apart from the weight of all the little morsels it has been collecting over the decades. Someone once said that if you tell a lie often enough people tend to believe that lie and that they are more likely to believe the lie the bigger and more outrageous that the lie is. This is of course true but what is also true is that people will only believe the lie for so long and even the biggest of lies eventually spiral apart bringing the spiders web down with it.

For more than 100 years Americas government and media have been working together to spin a web of corruption and deceit and this web was specifically designed to portray an illusion. Some of you are only beginning to see this illusion for what it really is but the truth of the matter is that government by and for the people is a complete load of bollocks. We the people have been manipulated and abused every step of the way for longer than any of us have been alive and we have been kept sedate with a piece of hemp paper and some faded ink that isn’t worth the quill it was penned with and I often wonder if it ever was. How dare those drunken young men with illusions of revolution dare ever think they could buck a system that took hundreds of years to establish.

If you think the Constitution protects you from your government all you have to do is look at the concentration camps that we built in America during World War II. I call them concentration camps because a certain kind of people were put into these camps to concentrate them where they could be easily controlled. Regardless of their heritage or race, American citizens were taken from their homes by force, piled into buses and trains and transported into fenced in areas surrounded by barbed wire fences and armed guards and held against their will for years on conjecture alone. When these Americans needed their rights the most, when they needed to be protected from their own government the most, the curtains parted to expose the truth and that is they had no rights. Today in 2016 there are hundreds of empty concentration camps throughout the country under the control of FEMA surrounded by fences and barbed wire waiting for the next excuse. .

What has made the spiders web work so far is the fact that people didn’t want to know it was there. They didn’t want to believe that government and media worked hand in hand to deceive them. What they want to believe is what Hollywood has always conditioned them to believe which is that journalists are independent keepers of the faith and the bulwark between the people and the government and almost every single movie or television program you have ever seen has told exactly that story. Brave journalists risking their lives to bring you the truth and exposed wrongdoing. Well nothing could be further from the truth and because of Donald Trumps presidential campaign people are beginning to see that now. The real truth not the bull we’ve been fed for as long as we have been alive.

Trumps problem is the problem we all know it is and the problem the establishment politicians and the media tells us it is namely that his isn’t a member of our overseer class. Every other person in that class can be manipulated through their own corrupt ways and with money but Trump can’t be. He doesn’t drunk, do drugs, frequent hookers or even abuse underage children which means he can’t be controlled and that makes him dangerous to “them”. Governor Jesse Ventura has said on numerous occasions that the adversary displays we are exposed to from seemingly opposing political parties is just a ruse and that when the cameras are turned off the politicians of both parties are the best of friends. Hasn’t he been proved right? Imagine if the Republican House and Senate members had fought as vigilantly against the Obama regime as they have over the last several weeks against Trump how different things might have been for America today.

We the people have coined the term RINO (Republican in name only) to describe Republican leaders who have been behaving like and cooperated with Democrats. We conservatives have clung to that term because we just can’t tell the difference anymore between our own representatives and the opposition. On a regular basis we see those we at least think we put into office, betray us over and over again just like they did when they approved 800,000 mostly Muslim male “refugees” to infiltrate our nation. Is there one conservative American citizen that actually approves of that? No I don’t think there is. Are we to believe these mostly Ivy League trained lawyers are stupid? Because that is what the media is telling us to believe. They just don’t get it right? Maybe we’re the ones who just don’t get it.

With Washington (both sides) and the news and entertainment media working in tandem it is plausible that the elitists will manage to convince enough voters, most of whom are ill informed about every issue, to see The Donald as a nut or racist or lacking of proper experience or evil or whatever they can pin on him to take the primary to convention where the establishment can install Romney (who has already filled out the proper paperwork) as their parties leader and presidential candidate. Politicians and the media who will suddenly rush to Romneys aide declaring how right he was during the 2012 election and how big a mistake it was to elect Obama to give his candidacy the viability it needs to move forward. But by November Hillary will become the president elect under the hopes and dreams of her husbands economic success in office and why not, she at least can be controlled. She will assume her role as the puppet of Americas shadow government and all will be right in the world once more.

Or at least that’s the plan.

What frightens the establishment to death is that it might not work. Oh it probably will but …..

Sooner or later all lies even the biggest of lies see the light of day. That’s what the FEMA concentration camps are for. That is why the military is conducting exercises in American cities and towns. That is why they keep pushing gun control. “They” are preparing for the day that you finally figure it out and try to revolt.

The clock is ticking.





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