Right Wing Hypocrisy

I’ve go to be honest here I’m very surprised that Ted Cruz isn’t already out of the race. Having a pretty good memory I recall how just about every conservative I’ve ever met was eager to drag Barry across the coals when they thought he might have been born in Kenya or anywhere other than the good ole U.S.A. Many even speculated that he wasn’t even a citizen and there is good cause to believe that. When Obama moved to Indonesia America didn’t have duel citizenship and according to numerous articles his mother transferred his citizenship to Indonesia.

So it genuinely perplexes me at anyone who might call themselves a conservative or a Republican (not always the same thing) would even consider casting a vote for  Ted Cruz.

The Constitution is clear you have to be a natural born citizen. The term “natural” is also very clearly described in every English dictionary. The founding father who insisted that the clause be put into the Constitution, John Jay was Americas first Chief Justice. There really isn’t any question about whether Ted Cruz is Constitutionally qualified to be president he absolutely is not. No if ands or butts.

What rational conclusion could anyone on the right make for voting for this guy? He’s an Ivy League educated lawyer. He knows he can’t legally be President and he has always known that. What Cruz and clearly his hypocritical supporters can only be relying on is something called legaleze. Legaleze means what lawyers try to do to everyday words and phrases to make them have meanings they were never meant to have.

Let’s take your Miranda Rights as a perfect example. After you have been read your rights you are asked if you understand those rights. Every lawyer worth a grain of salt will tell you that the correct answer is “no.” The moment you say you understand these rights you have submitted to the justice systems authority over you. That’s the law and most people don’t understand that. In fact you should never answer any question posed by a member of any government official without having a lawyer present no matter how simple the question might seem because the question might mean something totally different than what most rational people would think it meant.

Using legalese as an excuse to vote for someone rather than adhering to the written word of the Constitution and the intent of our forefathers and specifically the forefather who insisted that the term be included, is simply dishonest. This is not the kind of plain talking straight shooting conservative Reagan loving Republican brand of integrity that is paraded around the right side of the fence. It is however the kind of backroom double dealing dishonesty that we have come to expect from the left.

There are those out in our republic that insist Donald Trump be stopped at any cost but if we ignore our “conservative” values especially the Constitutional ones which are the cornerstone of the conservative movement then the cost of that betrayal is much too high.

I’m sorry but I will never support Ted Cruz and I will fight tooth and nail right up until November to stop him even if he becomes the nominee and even if that involves supporting someone else I don’t particularly like. It’s the law that needs defending here, and not just any law but the highest law of the land. If we can’t protect the Constitution and our republic against the likes of Ted Cruz then the document is worthless and the great American light on the hill will go dim never to be re-lit again.

It is called precedence and once that precedence has been established it will be much to late.




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