The Bloody Hands of Progressive Liberalism:

For several days I have been thinking about writing this Op-Ed but the hardest part for me was where do I start? There is just so much blood on the hands of progressive liberals that there really is no one thing that stands out above the rest. The history of their kind of thinking should have discouraged anyone from joining their “movement” but day after day year after year ignorant people continue to jump on the totalitarian big centralized government bandwagon for the trinkets of entitlement and the fantasy of social engineering.

Since this regime appears to represent their ideals perhaps Obamas use of predator drones, which have murdered more innocent women and children than actual terrorists leaders (including one American child) would be a good place to begin. Where are the progressive liberals on these actions and the murders that have resulted from what is often the illegal invasion of other sovereign nations? They certainly weren’t quiet when Bush was doing the same thing on a much much smaller scale. Certainly their silence can only be viewed as compliance as they absolutely refuse to hold their representative accountable for this barbarism.

Next there is Benghazi. Ah yes Benghazi. I guess no one was abandoned by the Obama regime there. Mrs. Clinton was obviously just doing her job when she severely reduced our Ambassadors security detail ignoring his desperate requests for help for months and doing nothing on the anniversary of the events of 9/11 to provide safety for our own in a foreign Islamic country that had just undergone a U.S. led overthrow of its leader. Progressive liberals are happy to embrace the former Secretary of States contention that it is all just some Republican ploy to stop her from having more power than she had when she was one of the top U.S. government officials in the world and dropped the ball. Holding her accountable for her failure and any complicity she might have had in Stevens death is certainly ridiculous.

We also have the blood of millions upon millions of unborn babies on the hands of progressive liberals who don’t just soapbox for victims of rape and incest but consistent with their view of unaccountably for incredibly bad behavior actually encourage young girls and women to seek abortion. In the mind of a progressive liberal a pregnancy is a “mistake”, a burden, the makings of a disaster, a crime upon the planet, and giving birth the kind of thing that ruins a womans body so she won’t be as attractive to wandering strangers who might want to inject women with their penises bareback again. And to progressive liberals there is no cut off to where abortion might be immoral to them abortion should be readily and freely (or at least tax payer subsidized) available right up until the moment a woman is about to give birth.

How about Black Lives Matter? This is what we call this movement today but this movement has been in the formation process from the moment Obama won the Democrat primaries in 2008. The first shot in that war against America was when the DoJ under then Eric Holder let members of The New Black Panthers walk on a very serious federal crime of which there was an avalanche of evidence to convict them on namely voter fraud and intimidation with the threat of violence. These same members of the New Black Panthers have been filmed in the public streets of America calling for the murder of White women and their babies and no charges were ever filed against them for the very real threat they were trying to instigate. Again progressive liberals were silent and their silence continues as this movement has resulted in the deaths of law enforcement officers and innocent White people across the nation.

The there is Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown both young Black criminals that progressive liberals tried to turn into victims along with a host of other incidences involving Black men with criminal histories committing criminal acts that progressives liberals did everything in their power to create a false narrative about. Progressive liberal media actually tried to paint George Zimmerman as White even though he is Hispanic and NBC altered 911 tapes to make it appear that Zimmerman was actually preying on a young man who was trying to murder him. The progressive liberal media even claimed that Martin was just a nice kid going to the store for iced tea and Skittles when in fact what he had was Skittles and Watermelon drink 2 of the 3 ingredients required to make a ghetto toxin called “Drank” (among other terms used to describe it) which toxicology reports confirmed that Martin had consumed so much of in his young life that it had already begun to cause serious damage to his liver and kidneys.

And finally has it occurred to anyone that in almost every mass shooting during Obamas term in office that initially the media tried to blame conservatives when in fact these people were left leaning, came from progressive liberal backgrounds, or in one way or another supported leftist ideals? Who fueled these people if not progressive liberals. Yet they respond by demanding gun confiscation in a smokescreen of gun control and “caring” and trying to “solve” a problem they helped to expand. Clearly what they want is more victims for their followers murderous rampages.

This is the ugly side of progressive liberalism everyone is afraid to talk about. It isn’t conservatives who leave piles of garbage at their rallys waiting for someone else to clean up behind them. It isn’t conservatives leaning against police cruisers defecating on them. It isn’t conservatives raping conservative women at demonstrations and then trying to cover it up later because it might damage their cause. It isn’t even the KKK or Neo Nazis who went to a junior college in Oregon and killed several White students or shot and killed police officers.

It is time we start seeing progressive liberals for the murderous hateful disgusting un-American slime balls that they actually are. It is time to judge them not just by what they say but by what they do.

And it is time to call the media out for supporting such rubbish and being compliant in the bloody hands of the progressive liberal movement for ratings and profit.

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