Life Tips for Black Folks

3 kids


It seems to me that a lot of Black folks like to blame White folks for their own screw ups. With that in mind I thought I’d offer a few words of wisdom to give them a helping hand and possibly make their lives a little easier if not better.

First of all stop blaming other people for your own failures. Most of the problems you are having in your life are the direct results of your own behavior. Sure there will always be racists and there are plenty of racists within your own ranks so lets not allow the pot to call the kettle black shall we. There is an old axiom that states “you’re not a loser until you blame someone else.”

Next, stop giving your kids made up names and/or names that make them sound like ghetto rats. I’m not the first person to tell you this, several Black comedians have also told you this yet every year Black folks give their kids made up names or names that sound made up. Bobby and Sue are good names that won’t hurt them before they get to the job interview. And here’s something you may not know; even people who come over from Africa have “White” sounding names. I have met several people from Nigeria in my time here on earth and none of them have names that you folks think sound African or whatever. Their names are Alice and Manny. You can either name your kid something that is an asset in the business world or name your kid something that will only be a burden.

Talking about kids, stop having unprotected sex. Abortion is murder it’s as simple as that and I’m pretty sure the good lord doesn’t approve. If you’re going to have unprotected sex then have a family and stick together. Your children suffer greatly when their real father isn’t around in the home to raise them and there is no real substitute for the real birth father. If you guys are half as tough as you like to think you are you’d stand by that woman and your kids.

Stop buying designer clothes and footwear. You’ll never get rich wasting your money on $200 sneakers. Guess what the most popular vehicle among millionaires is. If you guessed a 1974 Chevy Caprice with 21″ spinner rims you’d be wrong it is a Ford F-150 pick up truck. The next most popular vehicle among the rich is the Ford Explorer. One is straight up a work vehicle and the other can double for work. Enough with the ghetto cars you’re getting pulled over by the cops for being flashy and often ridiculous. Drive a nice clean simple sedan with stock rims or a good solid work truck and keep it in good and clean condition and you’ll get pulled over a whole lot less. Dress and drive conservatively.

Any job is a good job. Look at Herman Cain. He started off in a fast food restaurant at minimum wage  and worked hard and smart and might have become president if he had managed to keep his penis in his pants. If he can do that you most certainly can. If you’re going to work in a retail setting pay attention to your work and stop talking to your workmates. Talkers never get anywhere and neither do people who can’t fake a genuine looking smile. Be nice to people especially the White folks because there are a lot of them looking to help Black folks so make sure you are behaving in such a way that someone will want to give you a hand up the ladder. And for the love of god learn how to enunciate words properly.

And finally …. it is time to grow up a little. Drop the attitude and put your big boy pants and your big girl panties on, roll up your sleeves, get to work and build a legacy for your families future. That is your job and what you owe your lineage. If you are poor it is because the people who came before you screwed up. There are a lot of rich and middle class Black families out there and they all didn’t get that way playing sports and singing ghetto rhymes to someone elses melody. No one ever got rich working 40 hours a week.

Now before you go all BLM on my ass these little bits of advice would work for anyone not just you. And I promise you if you follow just these little snippets your life and the lives of your kids and your grand-kids will get much better. A whole lot better then having to put your hand out as beggars to the state which will never get you anywhere but a lifetime of slavery.



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