Make America Whole Again?

It’s time to ignore the losers of the Republican Primaries and concentrate on the real battle in November. Both Clinton and Trump are going to be their respective parties nominees so let’s stop pussy footing around here.

Clinton has recently stated that America needs to be made whole again. Say what? If America isn’t whole then what happened during the last 7 years that made it unwhole? Ok so maybe economically America wasn’t doing so hot when her boss took power back in 2008 but that has often been the case for new presidents. America wasn’t exactly whole when Ronald Regan took office as president and yet one administration later and America was doing pretty darn good and really America started doing pretty darn good long before Dutch’s term was over.

What Hillary is saying is that even after 2 full presidential terms of progressive liberalism America is still not “whole” and she thinks at least 4 more years of pretty much the same thing is going to turn that around somehow. As we all know the definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If close to 8 years of progressive liberalism couldn’t make America “whole” again 4 more years isn’t going to do it either.

In contrast to Mrs. Clinton, Donald Trump doesn’t want to make America “whole” he wants to make America great or even greater than it has ever been before. This guy is shooting for the moon or even Mars while Clinton is basically telling her prospective constituency that we can’t go that far we’ll just have to “settle” with a lot less. Whole and great are 2 very different things.

So here’s your choice come November; you can either be a settler or you can shoot for infinity and beyond. I don’t know if we can make it to infinity and beyond or not but I wanna try and I think most Americans want to at least give that a shot too.



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