I’m Ashamed of America


I truly hate to say this but I am absolutely ashamed of my country. What I have seen over the last couple of weeks unfolding makes me want to crawl into that storage hole beneath the stairwell and never come out again. I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen in this country from the murders of John, Bobby and Martin to the senselessly foolish invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan but nothing and I mean nothing has prepared me for what I have seen recently.

I grew up in a different and many might say much more innocent time. I remember when our nations bicentennial was being celebrated and my neighbors started buying flintlock rifles. Most of them bought them in kits so they could savor the experience of building their own revolutionary war rifle and mothers all around my area took to their sewing machines making replica revolutionary war military outfits for their husbands and sons and period ladies wear for themselves and their daughters. It was 1976 and it seems like a 100 years ago in someone elses past now.

Today I see nothing but hate for the U.S.A. and not from some foreign power but from people within our own boarders. Everyone has their hands out and everyone (except for white men) have someone else to blame for not having the perfect life in a perfect world that never has nor ever will exist. Our enemies want fundamental change in a country that has given them more than any country has ever given a people and it just boggles the mind how anyone could hold that opinion.

I could live with all of that if it wasn’t for the massive corruption coming out of Washington and the news and entertainment media. If anyone hates America and Americans more than these two groups I have yet to discover them.

Yes this is in part about Donald Trump. You’d think Joseph Stalin was running for president the way Washington and the media continues to attack and blatantly lie about this man. It is bad enough when mental midgets on social media tell lies and try to destroy someone simply because they are running for public office but I always expected better from my elected officials and especially the people I am supposed to trust to tell me what is going on in the world and especially in my country. If these people had even a thimbles full of integrity they’d be ashamed of themselves but clearly they do not.

I read tons of news stories every single day and there is maybe one or two sources that didn’t spend most of their print space and air time over the last week prior to Super Tuesday attacking the Republican front runner. This was an onslaught of epic proportions and I’ve never in all my days seen anything like it. Last Friday Donald Trump was forced to disavow a man who hasn’t been part of the KKK for more than 30 years and even after he did so the media and the politicians (in the Republican Party for Pete’s sake) spent last Friday right up to Super Tuesday pretending that Trump hadn’t done so and condemning him for not doing so. This was a lie they knew it was a lie and they just kept on doing it over and over again until the more simple minded among us took it as gospel. The fact is David Duke was treated more fairly when he ran for president in 1988 perhaps because at that time he had run as a Democrat. Yeah that’s right in 1988 David Duke ran for president as a Democrat.

But the Duke incident of which Trump had absolutely no connection to and control of was to be used in Americas favorite pastime race-baiting is only the tip of the iceberg. So called conservative journalists and editorial writers have been chastising this man as if it were Satan himself trying to win the nomination, Every network every newspaper every online news source every dam one of them (well except for maybe the Gateway Pundit) has spent weeks ripping into Trump and it didn’t matter whether it was the truth or not any rumor or accusation was floated out there hoping something would stick and even if it didn’t it was repeated over and over again as if the American public were nothing more than lemmings to be herded off to the side of the cliff.

It isn’t just Trump either it is the false Black Lives Matter and Feminist narratives. It is the forced infiltration of illegals and foreign nationals no one voted for or wanted. It’s the rewriting of a glorious history into guilt and shame and the parts of our history we should be ashamed about are celebrated not as the pure evil they were but as our greatest days as a republic.

And I am so disappointed and ashamed of the Republican Party and FOX News that I can’t even think straight about either one but I can tell you this one thing for sure, after I cast my vote in the Florida primaries I will immediately or at least as soon as I possibly can leave and disavow the G.O.P. The only reason I’m a part of the party at this moment in time is because of Donald Trump. If I had known that the Republican Party was actually the elitist, oppressively tyrannical, power hungry bunch of lying and dirty dealing fucktards that they have proven themselves to be during this election cycle I would have never offered them my sigil in the first place. They have proven themselves to be no different than the progressive liberals I have become so accustomed to loath.

And if I hear one more idiot journalist call Americas news media the “free press” I’m going to get in my car drive halfway across the country until I find their home drag them outside and give them the kind of epic pummeling that makes the front page news. Free? Free of what? Americas press is so in bed with the political elite they only hope we ever have of getting any information that Washington does want us to know is on the internet and those days are disappearing faster that a crack dealer down a dark alley with the coppers in hot pursuit.

You know, when other countries have tyrannical leaders they turn to the United States for help but when it happens to us where do we turn to? There is no place to escape the corruption anymore. A handful of people think they have the right to rule and I mean RULE over the rest of us and our opinions, beliefs, wants and needs be dammed. We have allowed these awful, awful people to treat us no better than pigs for the slaughter and there is a long line of criminally ignorant citizens who are eager to allow this to continue.

We have but one hope for this to stop and that is electing Mr. Trump as president. I really just can’t see any other light for us. And if Trump doesn’t become president I’m tearing up my voter registration card and turning my back on an American political system that has become so corrupt I can’t even recognize it anymore. I am glad I am approaching the end of my time on this planet and I weep for the children and young people who will have to live in this country if we can’t find a way to save her now. Because as others have said this is our last chance.


2 thoughts on “I’m Ashamed of America

  1. Wow, Pat, you’ve pretty well nailed it! I can only say here here! When I look around here in the little fishing town that used to be here in Florida, and has now turned into an old folks home for Canadian and Northern states liberal dumb asses who are able to vote although cannot walk down an Isle at Wall mart without wondering where they are and or whats going on around them and I see all the Bernie and Hillary stickers on their cars……well I know were in for the need of a good proctologist! The only word to associate these miss guided subhumans is psychotic! and pathological. They refuse to do what is right and without any care for those on this planet aside from themselves they will commit evil and dust there hands off and look for a McDonalds to feast and high five themselves for doing a good job at destroying another person, place or thing that has made our country great. These are in my area the mind dead mouth breathers, present day zombies shuffling around and getting in the way with all selfish desires being full filled as they pursue their last big hoorah. I am 64 and cannot stand being around these people, so I stay pretty much to myself and hang out at the rivers. Nature is being destroyed daily by jets spraying us, people spraying roundup like it was watering their plants, retirement homes going up everywhere and driving out the animals we used to see….otters, redfox, turtles, panthers, bob cats etc… even alligators! If these liberals and rich GOP elites get away with doing to Trump what they did to Ron Paul then I also am through with the system and would have no problem living in Russia or Cuba.

    On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 3:14 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” I truly hate to say this but I am absolutely ashamed of > my country. What I have seen over the last couple of weeks unfolding makes > me want to crawl into that storage hole beneath the stairwell and never > come out again. I’ve seen a lot of bad things happ” >

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