Betrayal: What the G.O.P. Really Wants


Here’s the simple truth; The G.O.P. establishment has betrayed conservatism and the democratic process in our republic. It’s as simple as that.

First let’s have a little discussion about what the Republican Party claims they want and compare that to what they have shown us through words and actions that they really want.

The Republican big wigs have claimed for decades that they want campaign reform but there has always been some kind of excuse for why it has never happened under their watch. Excuses for not acting on campaign reform have included but are not limited to; they didn’t control the house, they didn’t control the senate, they didn’t control the White House, and/or they were too busy fighting terrorism. Trump has taken the big lobbyist money out of his campaign completely and in response the Republican Party has brought its financial big guns to bear spending millions upon millions on candidates that never stood a chance in hell all to beat one of their own candidates.

Republican big wigs have also claimed that they wanted to be much more inclusive as a party and hoped to draw more minorities and females into the party. Trump hasn’t just brought a plethora of Hispanics and Blacks to the party (groups Republicans have always struggled to make sense to), Trump is also bringing a lot more of everyone to the party. People who have never voted in their entire lives because they believed nothing they could do could make any difference at all are registering to vote Republican. And how does the G.O.P. respond? By marginalizing them and using the same tactics against Republican voters as the progressive left uses against us. Surely if we are supporting Donald Trump there must be something seriously wrong with us as individuals.

Establishment Republicans for decades have been wanting to do something about illegal immigration. Well that is what they have been telling us anyway. They have also claimed to want to stop Islamic terrorism but the recent Republican controlled Senate directive to allow 800,000 Muslim “refugees” into America that couldn’t be properly vetted in 50 years and looking at what is occurring in Europe would result in a social and financial burden upon our citizenry the likes that have never been seen before in our nation and that tells a completely different story. Trumps opponents for the most part have always been open boarders proponents (at least in private) just like FOX News which claims to be representatives of conservatism and only changed their tune when Trump showed Washington that Americans have had enough of immigration and simply refuse to stand for it anymore.

Republicans also claim that they seek peace in the Middle East but everything coming out of Cruz and Rubios mouth has been war mongering. Regime change in Syria at any cost even war with Russia (and presumably China who is backing Russias play). Both candidates refuse to enter into negotiations with the Palestinians and Israel or hold Israel accountable for any of the United Nations resolutions or international laws which Israel breaks at will. Republicans also seem to have blind loyalty to Turkey which is one of the most disruptive nations involved in the Middle East and whose government regularly commits humanitarian crimes against its own people.

All Republican politicians claim that they want to bring manufacturing jobs back to America and they have been saying that for decades as they continue to pass regulations and laws whose only result can be the continued exodus of American jobs overseas.

Trump is planning to do all the things the Republicans have always claimed they wanted to do yet the G.O.P. establishment hates him because he might actually do what he says he is going to do. They have even accused Trump of not being conservative enough while they have betrayed every conservative value they claim they stand for.

So what do the Republicans really want?

Simply stated the G.O.P. establishment wants power and they want that power to be centralized among them and not among the people. They want cheap labor and they are willing to change the racial profile of the nation to get it even if it means that it is Muslims and potential Jihadists. The establishment wants to kowtow to the bankers, lobbyists, and Wallstreet to fill their pockets with gold. The average salary of a U.S. congressman is $174,000 per year yet most congressman including Marco Rubio who has had a string of financial missteps, are millionaires. They don’t just want war they want as many military conflicts as possible as thousands of the flower of Americans youth are killed overseas while America itself gets nothing for these efforts. And these are just the obvious things that the G.O.P. establishment has shown they desire.

Yet these usurpers have the nerve to call themselves conservatives. Like the great fictional character from the film “The Princess Bride” Inigo Montoya so eloquently stated “I do not think that word means what you think it means.” These people do not hold conservative values they hold the values of dictatorial rule. They don’t care who the American people want to govern them at all and they will stop any movement that puts the power of the government into the hands of the voters at any cost even if it means suicide.

We the people must without a doubt take our country back. If we fail to stand up to these usurpers and prove to them unequivocally where the source of power emanates from then all hope is lost and the American dream is over. Our power, the power of the people will be surrendered to our overseers.

If you actually believe that Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will do anything more than goose step along the party power trip then you’re a special kind of stupid. And if too many Americans believe that we’re going to wake in in 2017 with the normal SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up).

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