First Thing: Kill All the Teachers!



You are probably familiar with a quote from William Shakespeare’s play Henry the Sixth, “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” This quote has been used in many different unintended ways over the centuries but I think it has become a little stale and needs a bit of modernization to make it more relevant for modern times. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t kill all the lawyers, we probably should especially since the only person left running for the presidency in this cycle that isn’t a lawyer is Donald Trump, but I’m thinking that we have a much bigger problem here in America with a different profession one that has been steadily chipping away at the foundation of our republic for decades.

Yes we need to and should kill all the teachers in part because that is the only way we can even hope to get rid of them anymore. With tenure and labor unions backing, getting rid of any public or secondary school teacher (or professor for the more arrogant among the lot) is darn near impossible even in the worst cases. A bullet in the back of the head would insure that those we wanted to dispose of would stay disposed and not enrich the lawyers who we should have killed off long ago. I should point out that I am open to a variety of different methods so it doesn’t have to be the classic bullet to the head killing in fact I’m pretty sure I’d like to see some of them suffer a little.

Now I’m not talking about killing one or two of the worst but dispatching with them all as well as school administrators and union leaders or anyone else who has let the situation get so out of hand. And if your congressman or governor has continued to support the status quo in public education we might as well blind fold them and line them up against the wall too.

And why not these people have proven themselves to be traitors to the republic time and time again and what do we do with traitors? Yeah that’s right, bullet to the head or the hangman’s noose either one is ok by me.

The vast majority of teachers across America are subversives and traitors to the traditions and foundation of these United States and we can see the evidence of this in every news source every day as our young people, whose minds are sponges that have soaked up the only ideas these vile creatures have ever taught them, stand in defiance promoting things like communism and socialism. Our young people have no clue about world history, economics, science, mathematics or American history and there aren’t enough of them to fill a thimble who have even the basic understanding of The Constitution.

These teachers had one job, a job that provides them with more vacation time, a higher salary, and bigger perks than most of the parents of the children we have paid them to teach and they have fulfilled their obligation miserably. Not only that what little they have taught our kids runs counter to everything we stand for. Our kids have grown up into pinko commie parasites and this shit has to stop or we’re going to lose our freedoms and liberties or whatever is currently left of them.

I personally won’t shed a tear when we pile their bodies into mass graves and cover them with dirt from the blades of a bulldozer. In fact I think we should have fireworks displays and marching bands if that day ever comes. We have to purge the system and start anew because the people in place today are our worst and we need to replace them with our best.

As for equality, teaching needs to become less sexist and stop being a female dominated profession. No matter what it takes we need to get men (not sissy boys) back into the role of educating our children. Most of these kids don’t have fathers anymore or at least not their real fathers and they desperately need a positive role model that isn’t dribbling some type of ball and cussing in every sentence he speaks.

Yes indeed we need change in our school system and we need radical change right this very minute not 10, 20 or 30 years from now. It’s time to rage against the machine!


MSM Just Doesn’t Get It

Nothing like watching the shock and awe from the bobbing heads at FOX News after the South Carolina numbers started coming in. Shock and awe spun into depression and confusion as it became clear that America’s modern day Batman was about to win back to back primaries. My God how could this have happened?

It wasn’t as if every mainstream media outlet hadn’t done everything it could to throw Donald Trump under the bus. FOX (hiding behind its sister publican the WSJ) and NBC had even conspired together to throw out some bogus poll numbers claiming that Trump was in real trouble in S.C. by claiming Cruz was within 5 points of Trump just a couple of days before the election. FOX News the self proclaimed defender of the Republican Party had worked around the clock since Trumps win in New Hampshire to promote their GOP darlings and undermine Trumps campaign and they are the most trusted news organization and best ratings news station in all of America. This can’t be happening.

As the numbers rolled in confirming the poll numbers prior to the release of the NBC/Wall Street Journal numbers newspeople across the media spectrum rushed to explain what happened to the American public. It was Washington shenanigans, the Obama regime, and an ineffective Republican controlled Congress which was to blame. Perhaps it was even the people themselves dumbed down by the leftist public school system who are at fault.

Though in truth any of these reasons could have had an impact on this primary or frankly any election of this relatively new century the one major cause the news media just didn’t seem to be able to grasp could have been found had they just taken a good long look in the mirror. Perhaps the biggest cause of Trumps rise in the political arena stems from Americas absolute distrust of the news media as a whole.

Americans news media hasn’t exactly been honest with the American public. MSM has been promoting a false narrative for a very long time covering up and/or downplaying stories that don’t match their agenda and taking on the roll of king maker when it comes to elections. Remember when NBC doctored 911 calls to make George Zimmerman look racist and FOX News tried to pretend that Ron Paul wasn’t even a candidate in the 2012 Republican primaries? These are only 2 examples of twisted tales promoted by the news media every single day. The medias success at driving the political train for so long has not prepared them for the big hand of the public swatting them out of the locomotive.

Both Washington and the news media have played out their cards. Their deceptions to a sleepy public, have gotten so brazen that even the unwashed masses have taken notice in disgust. In fact it is the often lethargic middle class, who is waking up to the corruption in both politics and information media and these ….. how does the elites call them …..disgruntled  blue collar reactionary simpletons are no longer following the lead of their masters. Suddenly the average god fearing, gun grasping cogs in the economic wheel are thinking for themselves. Oh Joe say it ain’t so.

There is a real panic among the elites in Washington and the media. They just don’t understand how their ivory towers have lost their sheen. Even after months of strong showings by Mr. Trump you can still see the look of disbelief in their eyes and hear it in their voices. Not to mention the tone of arrogance in their voices as they still believe they can turn it all around with their own rhetoric. If Trump continues to dominate the Republican primaries past Super Tuesday they will have to begrudgingly accept that Trump will be the GOPs front man rolling into the general election late this spring but the one thing the MSM will never be able to accept is their own role in Trumps rise.

So will they eventually embrace Trumps presidential candidacy? I wouldn’t bet on it. Not even FOX News. The most likely scenario is that Clinton will suddenly become the darling of both the news media and Washington behind the scenes and both groups will work in tandem to get her elected rather than see Trump at the helm of the free world.

At least Clinton they can control.


Trump Logo

What to Expect Next #teamtrump


The dominating win in South Carolina was a wonderful victory for #teamtrump and the American people. So what can we expect next? If you think this last primary was going to be tough you ain’t seen nothing yet. What you saw from the media and the RINO establishment just prior to the S.C. primaries was so much corruption it boggles the mind. Both groups bent over backwards trying to throw Mr. Trump under the bus, any bus and their efforts ended up being fruitless. The absolute worst example of this came from NBC and FOX News who owns the Wall Street Journal. Thank god no voters believed their lies about Trump being threatened in any way by the other candidates but their phony polls claiming that Trump only had a 5 point lead just goes to show the lengths FOX will go to stop the Trump revolution. It might have worked against Ron Paul but it isn’t working this time.

We the people are speaking loud and clear this time but we also have to understand that our work has just begun. Look how close Sanders got to Clinton in Nevada. What does that say about large segments of the American people? Sanders is the worst possible outcome for the United States and what his supporters display for all to see is a complete lack of education, understanding of history and American patriotism. We fought a cold war for decades to stop Sanders kinds of ideas and here we have millions of incredibly ignorant and greedy Americans embracing them.

Our job now is two fold. First we must continue our battle against the GOP RINO’s who would usurp this election but just as important we have to start working towards the general election and that means we have to start educating those foolish Sanders supporters namely young people and women. We have to show them how foolish they are being though historical precedence and we have to teach them basic economics.

Young people see poverty incorrectly as a result of capitalism when the opposite is true. Women see government was a pseudo provider without realizing that men have traditionally been much more successful at providing for them than government ever will be. Both of these groups fail to consider that today’s socialist windfall inevitably turns into tomorrows drop in lifestyle and eventual poverty like Greece is now learning the hard way as they must approach other nations hat in hand and beg for rescuing.

We must sit down and have serious, focused discussions with our women and our young people about the truth and show them that their fantasy’s about collectivism are simply just tha,t fantasys. The two best teachers of economics are Milton Freeman and Thomas Sowell and you should make yourself very well acquainted with what quite frankly is Milton Freeman’s revolutionary views of economics.

Today in America we have corporatism which is paving the way towards socialism but it is a failed economic model. The only economic model that has ever proven to be a resounding success in our world lifting as many as it touches economically is the newest economic model  to ever come down the pike …  capitalism.

What America needs isn’t handouts it is security and JOBs. With more than 90 million people having given up even looking for work this should be painfully obvious to everyone but sadly it is not. There is no candidate who has ever given a non government job to anyone but Donald Trump and we have to make that clear to the most ignorant among us while we teach them basic economics and our Constitution and why it was created the way it was to a generation whose teachers have so obviously failed in these regards.

We must also keep the faith because both parties in Washington and the media as a whole are scared to death that Trump might become president and that the train of abuses against we the people might come to an end. Our future is at stake so we can’t afford to be slackers here. If you want to make America great again and even better than it ever was, we can’t let one moment slip by. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get back to work before the usurpers steal our sunshine.

Apple is Right Trump is Wrong



There aren’t many things that I disagree with Trump on but there are a few. In comparison to every other candidate running for President today, it isn’t even close. As far as the rest of them are concerned not only do I disagree with almost every stand they take, on the ones I do agree with I do not believe they are either sincere or have any intention of actually acting on those commonalities. When it comes to the F.B.I. vs. Apple iphone case I vehemently disagree with Trump.

How secure do you think your computer, tablet, or laptop is? Not very. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of hacking can access everything on your electronic devices and everything that you have ever downloaded and/or viewed online. That’s the fact jack. All it really takes is a little bit of time and patience and a basic understanding of how computers work. Look at Anonymous for example. Most of their hackers are ….. computer hacks. Today’s cell phones are much more than simple audio communication devices they are mini computers and they are generally even easier to hack into than you desktop computer. These are not private communication devices, in fact there is even a chip installed on each one that allows the government and other interested parties to know where exactly you are in the world at all times. Talk about Orwellian fantasy’s becoming real!

You might not think this is a big deal but I remember a case several years ago involving an overzealous F.B.I. case involving child pornography. There was a time not too long ago when you might visit a site and suddenly 50 or more pop up windows would appear and sometimes they appeared so fast and so many that the only way to resolve the issue was to pull the plug. This happened to a man who was arrested and facing a conviction of child pornography several years ago. Some of these pop up windows were child pornography sites and even though the F.B.I. knew that he hadn’t frequented such sites the mere fact that these things had appeared on his computer at all gave them the green light to seek a conviction and very long prison sentence for someone who wasn’t guilty of any real crime. Government law enforcement seeks conviction rates and it is a rare bird indeed when they stop to consider the actual guilt or innocence of the accused. Eventually a judge dismissed the case but not before this man lost an incredible amount of his assets defending himself which of course were nonrefundable. Who knows what other damage was done to this man especially considering that arrest records stick with you your entire life even if you are acquitted.

In 1765 Sir William Blackstone stated “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer“. Another example of this ideal can be found in the Holy Bible in Genesis 18:23-32: “Abraham drew near, and said, “Will you consume the righteous with the wicked? What if there are fifty righteous within the city? Will you consume and not spare the place for the fifty righteous who are in it?What if ten are found there?” He [The Lord] said, “I will not destroy it for the ten’s sake.”

When it comes to the F.B.I. vs Apple Inc. case the F.B.I. is in possession of an iphone taken from one of the Muslim terrorists who killed all those innocent people in California recently for the glory of their false prophet and their false god. The F.B.I. initially had access to the phone but changed the password and then forget what the new password was. Duh. The iphone is set up so that if you try to access it with the wrong password 10 times it wipes the memory clean. A Federal Judge ordered Apple to build a backdoor to their iphone so that the government can access it. and Apple is appealing the case which in all likelihood will eventually find its way to the Supreme Court once it makes its way through the lower courts.

For those of you who do not understand what a backdoor is, a backdoor is a permanent passcode that allows access by third parties to your electronic devices. It is this backdoor that is used by the government and hackers to steal and spy on you. Not having a backdoor makes an electronic device extremely secure and no electronic device is as secure as the Apple iphone. You business should be yours and yours alone not every idiot who has some very basic computer skills.

What the F.B.I. is attempting is basically a fishing expedition. By now anyone associated with this couple who is a genuine terrorist has made tracks. They are long gone hidden away in some cave in Afghanistan and whatever connection they may have had with this phone has long been broken. As the government completely dropped the ball on these two deceased terrorists they want some example of how effective they really want you to believe they are so they are looking for anyone they can persecute. Which once again reminds me of another story you might recall that involved the F.B.I. during the Bush administration.

As some of you might recall post 9/11 during George W. Bush’s Presidency the F.B.I. busted a few guys who had been living in a warehouse in Miami who the F.B.I. had accused of threatening to blow up the Chrysler Tower in Chicago. During their bust and resulting arrests, no guns or bombs were found yet the President congratulated the F.B.I. on national T.V. for their fine work in discovering this nest of terrorists.

I live in South Florida and have since 1976 and during my youth I drove large lumber trucks often down to Miami to pick up and drop off loads so I was very familiar with the warehouse district that these guys (mostly young Black men) were living in. I’ve also run into a few people who have lived in warehouses in my state. Living in a warehouse is what you do when you are one step away from living in the streets and when several young people are living in the same warehouse what you can be sure of is that they are very very poor. Much too poor to be coming up with anything that would bring down a skyscraper. In fact it is reasonable to say that people who live in warehouses are generally a bit on the barely functioning crazy side. At least that has been my experience and in the warehouse district that these guys had been arrested in it was pretty commonplace to see less than sentient people living in warehouses.

These were not people remotely capable of any act of terrorism and at the time of their arrest that was the first thing I said and any idiot in the area would also know that, yet the F.B.I. did everything they could to entrap them and make a spectacle out of them to make themselves look good and you feel more comfortable. This was an injustice and after several years these loons were finally and quietly released. Doesn’t matter the F.B.I. got what they wanted, a moment of praise from a country who soon forgot about the warehouse dwellers.

Apple is correct to fight the order to create a backdoor to their iphone for several reasons. First of course is their right to create a product without the government to dictate to them how that product will work. Second to protect all of you who own iphones from the government spies like the NSA and of course criminals. Then of course there are the people the F.B.I. are hoping to find during their fishing expedition that they can persecute and display in front of the American people as they continue to pretend to be protecting your freedoms and liberties while they are in fact working to destroy them in the name of protecting you. What the government is attempting is totalitarianism at its best and the more we allow them to discard our rights the less rights we will ultimately be able to hold onto.

So Mr. Trump although I do hope and pray that you become our next president I don’t really think you have thought this issue out completely and you should probably stop watching FOX News. If anything in the country should be boycotted it should be FOX News not the iphone the one electronic device that actually protects your right to privacy.



Personal Attacks Online



I’ve been online for a long time now. My first computer capable of surfing the internet was an Macintosh (Apple) Performa which was a pricey and amazing piece of technology for its time. Those of you who know this machine should be able to date my online starting time but for those who can’t it was 1997. That is almost 20 years which is longer than some of you have been alive. There are people reading this right now who have never known a world without the web.

I wasn’t quite as much into doing research back in 1997 as I am today and after only a couple of days on the net I started looking for entertainment and stumbled upon Yahoo chat rooms and a day or two later Yahoo user created chat rooms. Right from the start I saw people slinging insults at one another. The anonymity of the net tended to bring out the worst in people and often still does today. There was no insult that was verboten whether that insult was aimed directly at you or your friends or your family or your sexuality or your race.

Several years later I started playing World of Warcraft and I played that game for about ten years until it got so painfully easy that I couldn’t even justify the $15 a month it cost to play it. I’d have to say that the most popular insult in that game was the word “nigger.” There are 2 opposing factions in Warcraft (from here on out I will be referring to the game as WoW) the Horde and the Alliance which have different languages and therefor cannot communicate with each other. Of course someone figured out how to get at least a couple of insults across to their enemies and besides the internet phrase “pwned” (a reference to being killed by a low level Chess piece) the word “nigger” was translated by people who would have had to do a bit more than bend over backwards to find this way  to insult others not of their faction. The interesting part of the use of the word “nigger” in WoW is that over time it lost all meaning and stopped being an effective insult term a lesson we could all learn in our politically correct world.

These are just a couple of examples of experiences I’ve had with online insults but in truth it doesn’t matter what online site you go to the adds are very high that at some point you’re going to be insulted and probably in ways you would never be insulted in a face to face confrontation without the incident erupting in a physical altercation. Insulting others and being insulted is a common and thus normal part of the online experience (pay attention parents) and people will go to unusual lengths to insult others. There are no “safe spaces” online and there shouldn’t be either. There is nothing online that can physically harm you and as big boys and girls we have learned to let these insults roll off us like rainwater.

Yet even with the long history of personal insulting (which has become much of a game in itself) online, over the last few years I seen videos on YouTube of people acting as if they have been psychologically if not physically (/facepalm) damaged over some insults slung at them by some unknown entity online usually in a comments section of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube.  How is this even possible? How is it possible that anyone who has been online for more than 10 minutes has gotten it into their heads that personal insults online mean anything? Just like the word “nigger” in WoW online personal insults are so frequent that they have really lost all meaning and that is not a bad thing.We shouldn’t be afraid of words, any words.

Words alone can do no real harm and in an arena where even the worst words are used so often that they have lost whatever impact they may have once had the only reasonable way to regard those who act like they have been damaged by these insults is to assume they have another agenda. The agenda is most often attention whoring or control. Now of course there are people who get off from self pity but it is those who seek control who are the most dangerous people on the internet. These people seek to quash free expression online and whining about being insulted or shamed or whatever is but the first step in achieving the kind of internet censorship that will eventually lead to totalitarianism online. Today it is your style of communication tomorrow  it is your ideas and political opinions. We see examples of this from almost every nation in the world as more and more the ceiling of expression are being pressed down upon us.

The question we must seriously consider is where does that end. Because once we accept the slippery slope of censorship the downward spiral has no end and though you may cheer today because insults,  colorful words and disturbing ideas are excuses to punish online users, eventually that kind of oppression will find its way to you.

Gaming Women

z women


This Op-ed is meant to be a wake up call to the women out there. Men really don’t like what you have become and although this may not apply to all women odds are they apply to you because it applies to almost every female I have ever met.

American women are transparent, narcissistic, gold digging sluts. There I said it and most of you guys know I’m spot on. You ladies (and I use the term in the loosest definition) think you’re fooling us but we stopped being fooled a long time ago. We don’t see you as relationship material anymore we see you as a 3 holed circus. Most of the time we don’t even listen to whatever it is you are babbling about and when we do we are just pretending to so we can get what we want.

When is comes to bagging an American woman the modern woman couldn’t be easier. We know what you want, you want the bad boy that you think you can save or change (but what you really want is to manipulate us) so we play along just to get some booty. And here’s another clue; the easiest woman to get into bed is one that is already married or in a relationship. True story.

I was a dog for years and the reason I got so many women (and I’m not talking baggers here) is because I had absolutely no respect for them. I got burned pretty good by my first wife in my early 20s who was having sex with every guy I knew behind my back until I woke up. When that ended I viewed women as sex toys and nothing more. Consequently out of all of my friends I became the most successful not just at the one night stand but at nailing the hottest looking females everywhere I went. It didn’t hurt that when I was young I was better than average looking but trust me most women will lay down with a Lurch if he knows how to play her.

First of all you have to understand that women are extremely shallow creatures and they run at the mouth. What that means is that if you pay a little attention to what they are actually trying to tell you with their words and their body language you should be pounding them behind the dumpster in the back of the club before you’ve pissed away more than 3 drinks of your hard earned money on her.

Don’t even bother with dinner and a movie put a few drinks in her, give her whatever drug she likes most (usually coke or something in pill form) and act like you don’t give a shit whether she comes or goes. And never be afraid to flirt with other women while you’re with her. Women are jealous bitches and will have sex with you just to keep the other girl from getting you.

See women like the bad boys. No matter what bullshit comes out of their pieholes if you’re the nice stable guy you’re going to get regulated to the friend zone forever. Treat her like dirt she won’t be able to resist you. The only thing the nice guy is for is his wallet and for car rides to where the bad boys are.

There are several warning signs that should be the red flags that make you move away from women who want more than just a quick romp in the hay. If she asks you what you do for a living or what kind of car you drive she’s sizing up your wallet. Move on she’s probably got a horde of curtain climbers at home from all the failed relationships she has already been in or from being an insatiable slut. Also avoid women who are dragging around their own wingman you know that fat ugly bitch you’re gonna end up stuck with after you get drunk off your ass trying to get her drunk enough for that trip out back to the dumpster. You’re gonna end up getting them both trashed and having to do the fat bitch for your efforts.

American women are the easiest lays in the world and everyone knows it. If you’re not banging a new one every week you’re just not paying attention (and you should be bagging 2 or 3 at least). That is the truth get over it.

Now for you ladies. Wake the fuck up. If you wanna be treated like a ho just keep doing what you’re doing but if you want to be loved and settle down get control of yourself and stop thinking the world revolves around you. Trust me when I tell you that men don’t respect that shit. We want to come home to the nice June Cleaver kind of girl but since women like that aren’t available anymore we’re gonna use you like a plastic blow up fuck doll until something better comes along and something better always comes along. Don’t try to game us. Just because we pretend to be gamed doesn’t make it so we’re just trying to get access to that worn out snatch between your legs. You don’t have to be this way no matter what your drunken slut of a girlfriend tells you.

Girls stay away from poison women they are miserable and want you to be as miserable as they are to give credence to their lack of character. Go to church. Take a second look at that nice guy you have been rejecting and who has been doing everything for you while you have been treating him like your little brother. Dress like a lady not a street corner whore. You might be hot today but looks fade much faster than you think and by the time you know it the wolf whistling is going to subside and guys will stop snapping their necks back to look at you as you strut past them. Get in shape, exercise, educate yourself enough to be a good conversationalist and leave your past in the past where it belongs. Good men prefer natural women so love your boobies no matter how big or how small and you shouldn’t need a trowel to put on makeup.

American women are miserable and they are miserable because of the poor choices they have made. Being sexually liberated is just fancy terminology for being a whore. Stop it. Wake up and smell the coffee. Be a good girl and you’ll get a good man and you might even end up happy.

Or be some guys trophy for the weekend. Your choice.

Today I Joined Jackson and Sharpton

I was reading an article about some 18 year old kid impersonating a doctor in Florida today and the article mentioned that this young man was an ordained minister. They also mentioned that he had gotten ordained online. Now being a minister is pretty cool because you can charge people for services like weddings and funerals and it is all tax free as long as you call them donations. If you get 20 people to show up at your house once a week you don’t have to pay taxes on it either.

While I was cruising the net looking for the site I couldn’t help wonder about my own hypocrisy. I mean it isn’t like I’m much of a church goer tho for the last couple of years I have been wanting to go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve it just hasn’t worked out yet as other things got in the way like dressing up like Santa Claus this past year. I don’t do a lot of proper praying either though in my head I have had my little talks with God here and there when I thought they were appropriate.

Then I thought about a couple of other ordained ministers I’ve seen throughout much of my life in the media namely Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. If those guys can be men of God why not me. It isn’t like I tell a lot of lies or tell people they are going to hell (though to be honest I have on occasion told people to go to hell but I’ve also told people to F themselves which I didn’t really expect them to do though in reality they probably already have and will again without my encouragement). Racebaiting also isn’t a big part of my forte. Taking these things into consideration I figured I was at least on more solid moral ground than these two clowns.

So I get to the site and they have a list of people who have become ordained ministers with the Universal Life Church and low and behold (doesn’t saying behold so so priestly) the names included Conan O’Brien, Kathy Griffin, Sir Ian McKellen, Joan Rivers (R.I.P.), Johnny Carson (R.I.P.), Byran Cranston (Breaking Bad), and Richard Branson (Virgin Airways) and I started feeling pretty good about filling out the form and becoming a minister especially since there was no cost involved.

So as of today I have become an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church joining with a handful of celebrities and thousands of others who have a hell (oh wait can I still say hell) of a lot more moral fortitude (in theory) than either Jackson or Sharpton.

I can live with that. Let us pray.

-Rev. Patrick McCarthy