The Violent Left

Lenin said that the goal of socialism is communism and communism has always been accompanied with violence towards citizens. In America we have seen the seeds of socialism being sown for several decades though leftist politicians, the media,  labor unions and our public school system but we have never seen these seeds take root until the Obama regime. His influences as a young man were all communist and he has done his best to grow the ugliness of the communist hate flower in America. Obama has become more successful in this regard than anyone else ever has. We now have a very large part of the American population demanding socialism through their support of self professed socialist Bernie Sanders who tries to downplay his communist leanings by referring to it as democratic socialism. This is often how socialism and communism begins but it always must at some point resort to force and violence because no matter where these seeds are sown there will always be resistance as people long to be free and crave liberty.

The left has always been about force and violence and we see plenty of that among supporters of the leftist idolatry. Take the Occupy movement as a perfect example. While young women were being raped in the makeshift camps Occupy members were working overtime to cover up those rapes denying the victims justice for the cause. In many areas where Occupy forces gathered vandalism was practically a daily event as “protesters” smashed windows and defaced the businesses of hard working people not to mention not allowing people whose families and mortgages on the line the opportunity to work and several businesses went out of business because of these groups of radical leftists who thought they could take over and conquer major American cities so they could force the government to pay off their college loans.

The violence of the left certainly didn’t end with the death of the Occupy movement. In colleges across America violent acts from the leftists have increased exponentially over the Obama reign of terror. Forget peoples Constitutional rights leftists demand segregated spaces, the firing of university staff who disagree with their dogma, and have denied the press access to their public displays of intolerance.

Black Lives Matter, a purely leftist group has called for violence against Whites and the police and the politicians on the left have embraced them. Recently during a White Lives Matter rally leftists began attacking peaceful members of the KKK because they didn’t like the rally or points of view that conflicted with their and then there is the Hispanic group La Rasa (another leftist group) who openly declares it will wage war with the U.S., kill Whites, and conquer California and of course leftist politicians embrace them as well.

This violence perpetrated by the left isn’t just an American phenomenon in the Western World but is spread throughout Europe as well. Leftist governments like the one in Germany hose peaceful refugee protesters with water cannons and in England simply reading quotes made by Winston Churchill or speaking out against the invasion of Islamic culture in England will get you imprisoned. Throughout Europe freedom of expression is practically nonexistent.  In America a simple act of mischief is now called a hate crime that is punishable with a lifetime prison sentence.

Things are just as bad in the virtual world online as sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ begin to clamp down on descent. These American companies who were born in the land of freedom of expression have betrayed in the most treasonous of ways their users inalienable rights hiding behind the fact that they are private companies who can do whatever the hell they want Americas culture and heritage be dammed.

People often talk about the intimidation, force and violence of the communist movement as if it is some distant memory of the past but the truth is this hive mentality of force is still prevalent right now today in our present.

All the while the leftists try to convince each other that they and they alone are the people of empathy for their fellow mankind, love of all things, and the most tolerant type of people on planet earth. Somehow lighting city streets on fire, violent protests, murder, beatings, rapes, and the denial of basic individual human rights all fall under the umbrella of social justice. Their Utopia isn’t peaceful discourse and the democratic process it is hatred of anything that doesn’t fit into their ideology.

We’ve seen this act before. Sadly we didn’t lean anything from our collective past.And it is that collective mindset that will lead to our ultimate destruction.



2 thoughts on “The Violent Left

  1. Bernie is a psychotic Zionist like most of the euro-jews unlike the Semitic Jews. The mind set of the Zionist jew from childhood is that all non-jews are goyhim and to be slaves of the jews and should be regarded as livestock. That being said and risking the usual rants and name calling of anti-semite, jew hater, holocaust denier etc.. it is a well known fact that communism has it’s root in euro-jewry. The democrat party is dominated by these Khazarian jews as a mafia against the freedoms of American citizens and hell bent on turning the USA into the USSA !!!! They control everything here and will not let go of it like cancer in it’s host eating away at the very structure it inhabits to it’s own demise. We were founded as a republic and most people refuse to admit it out of fear from the left of being marginalized or made fun of. I have many jewish friends but am not ruled by them and wont allow it and they know not to press it, and that is why Trump who knows how to deal with jews and Israel without letting them control us is scaring the crap out of both parties. Oh and BTW, the president of Mexico can go F himself ! we should invade Mexico and annex it to Texas !!!!!

    On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 9:06 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: “Lenin said that the goal of socialism is communism and > communism has always been accompanied with violence towards citizens. In > America we have seen the seeds of socialism being sown for several decades > though leftist politicians, the media, labor unions” >

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