Who is Behind it All?


It continually amazes me when I hear people complain about the same things day in and day out and yet they are completely incapable of identifying the source or more likely much to afraid to do so. Voltaire said that if you want to know who rules over you then find out who you are not allowed to criticize. So who rules over you. Who are you truly afraid to citizen?

The answer is the same answer to the following questions:

Who established the North Atlantic African slave trade?

Who runs the media?

Who runs Hollywood?

Who runs the FED?

Who runs the world banking cartel?

Who is the driving force behind gun restrictions?

Why are we even in the Middle East?

Who leads the multicultural push that is currently destroying Europe?

It is all the same people and everyone (or at least most everyone) knows exactly who they are yet there are few souls among you who would dare to be brave enough to call these people out. And why are you not brave enough to say who they are? Because you know dam well that this 2% of the world rules over you. They are the money. They are the media. They control it all and everyone knows it but our handlers over at the GOP says we need to blindly support them.

The really strange part about all of this is that even knowing all this so many of you are the first to condemn anyone who speaks out. I thought we were about telling the truth not puking out convenient lies. How dangerous is the truth? We hold everyone on earth accountable for their behavior but no matter what these people do to us we just keep taking it and steadfastly defending them?


Are we lemmings?


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